The Libertarian Super Bowl

Some people just don’t know how to have fun. Every time there is some major sporting or entertainment event, libertarians start calling people sheep, and insisting you study economics, listen to Alex Jones, or otherwise commiserate with them instead of enjoying it. In my own mind, that’s more antisocial than a Helen Keller rape joke any day of the week.

Some of us do know how to have fun, and we don’t have to drop our passions to do so. Events like the Super Bowl are the most watched and talked about things in America, so why not take advantage? Finding entertaining and creative ways to tweet anti government propaganda into trending hashtags is a great way to get lulz, blow off steam, spread liberty, and boost your Klout score, all at the same time!

So in honor of those among us who still know how to have a good time, I compiled this short list of the best libertarian (and not so libertarian) memes, tweets, and status updates from Super Bowl IXLVIII.









Not even the commercials were safe…





















And the number one, best ever, liberty troll event in the history of mankind, goes to this guy…



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