VIDEO: How Edward Snowden Copied NSA Files

A story has been making the rounds that Edward Snowden used low cost, readily available “web crawler” software to copy the NSA files that now have him on the run from US authorities. It’s a surprisingly simple thing to do, so I figured it might be worth putting together a “How To Anarchist” video guide on how to do it, in hopes of creating more Bradley Mannings and Edward Snowdens who will expose government corruption. Perhaps if enough people see what the government does, they will stop supporting it, and we can find a more enduring liberty.

This might be illegal, and you should do it anyway.

Before you do anything in the video, you might want to learn How to Hide on the Internet

You’ll also want to Make Your Files NSA Proof

Consider learning How to Encrypt Your Email and other Communications

You can download Website Ripper Copier from Bit Torrent, for free, or you can buy it from the developer’s website

If you work for the government, or otherwise have access to information about wrongdoing, please download this application and use it to expose corruption. I will be happy to release the information here if you don’t trust the main stream media.



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