Everything You Need To Know About The Ladies of Cop Block Calendar In 1 Image

Peace News Now today released screenshots of what is purported to be the entire archive from the Facebook group created to organize the Ladies of Cop Block calendar project. You may have heard, there has been some controversey surrounding the project, as prominent participants have pulled their support, and donors have asked to have their money refunded. This was supposed to be a 2014 calendar, and we’re now discussing this in February of 2014.

Much anger has been directed at the project’s founder, Lauryn Beth Faulkner, the recipient of all the funds, who says refunds are out of the question despite her inability or unwillingness to complete the project.

This should not reflect on the good name of CopBlock.org or its founders, or the many good people who are doing good work for this highly decentralized organization, but it is a reminder to be careful of which individuals you donate your money to. Lot’s of people ask money for lots of reasons, and the sad fact of the matter is, many of them are simply out for a quick buck in their own pockets.

You can read the archive at Peace News Now, but in case that seems like a lot for you to read, I figured I would give you a very brief summary in one image.



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