Anti-Gun Blog Proves Gun Control Laws Are Pointless

EXCLUSIVE: Buying a gun on Facebook takes 15 minutes” read the headline on the article I stumbled across today. Unfortunately though, the headline was the most interesting part. Facebook does not facilitate gun sales, they won’t even allow weapons dealers to purchase advertisements, and with their obvious liberal leanings, it’s unlikely this will ever change.

What it does do, is allow people to talk to each other, and surprisingly enough, people who talk to each other, sometimes trade.

What poses as some big deal undercover exposé, is little more than a gun control fanatic realizing, apparently for the first time, that he can talk to people on the internet.


Neither the sale, nor the conversation leading up to it, actually took place on Facebook. The image to the left is a screen shot from their phone of an SMS conversation with the seller. They found a guy with gun parts on Facebook, then in an SMS asked him if he had any rifles. The seller tells the “investigator” he has a 7mm for sale on “Alamo Yard Sales”. Alamo Yard Sales, is a reference to, an online classified ads site similar to craigslist. I have no way of confirming it is the same listing, but a search for “7mm” on came up with this listing for a Winchester rifle matching the description.

On Tuesday, a VentureBeat reporter and his colleague spent less than 15 minutes arranging to buy a semiautomatic 7mm rifle and 90 rounds of ammunition from a guy named “Dave,” a member of Facebook “Firearms Only Alamogordo” fan page (left).

VentureBeat made contact through the fan page, and in the ensuing SMS chat, Dave expressed an eagerness to do the deal. The gun was in good condition, he explained.

When a VentureBeat reporter asked Dave if they needed to bring identification to complete the sale, his response was an immediate “no.”

The blog then goes on to mention that this is perfectly legal in most states, including New Mexico, where this “investigation” took place in.

Not that legality matters of course. They claim, without any evidence whatsoever, that you can buy weapons with the serial number filed off. You know, just in case you don’t have time or know-how to stop at The Home Depot, buy a $2 file and do it yourself.

The blog goes on to mention petitions started by anti-gunners like “Moms Demand Action” and “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”, including this petition to prohibit the sale of firearms on Facebook and Instagram, which has already obtained over 78,000 signatures at the time of this writing, despite the fact that said purchases are already prohibited.

Facebook is nothing more than a communications platform. These people might as well be blaming the telephone company, or the Internet itself for these transactions. All they are really advocating is more invasive privacy deprivations and government spying on Americans.

Not that it matters. The blog mentions the now banned “erotic services” section of craigslist, where illegal prostitution was once available to the masses. After coming under fire from a handful of bureaucrats, craigslist shut down that section of their site, and now has to spend time deleting prostitution ads from other sections of their classified ads. But anybody who knows anything about prostitution knows, that when craigslist banned the erotic services section, everybody just went to instead.

This is the Internet folks. It does one thing and one thing only, facilitate communication. If Facebook won’t let us communicate as we see fit, we will simply take our business elsewhere.



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