There Are “Libertarians” Who Take Pastor James Manning Seriously

Is Pastor James Manning a libertarian?

I’m often accused of being divisive, of “hurting the movement”, of causing infighting amongst libertarians. Whether it’s for attacking statist “libertarians” or for attacking left “libertarians”, people always freak out. “Chris! We all want freedom, we’re all on the same side!”. All this sort of really relies on very loose definitions of the words “freedom” and “libertarian”.

And hey, maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe what we really need is a “big tent” where ideology isn’t that important. Maybe we should just put the whole philosophical agenda in a drawer. Maybe we should just build a really big team with no solid goals or principles in mind. If that’s what you want, then teaming up with Julie Borowski, Cathy Reisenwitz, Antonio Buehler, and other leftists and statists makes perfect sense. Alienate no one! Anybody who calls themselves a libertarian, is in fact a libertarian! By this strategy, we can become as big and as meaningless as the Republicans and Democrats! This makes perfect sense!

Sign outside Pastor James Manning's ATLAH World Church
Sign outside Pastor James Manning’s ATLAH World Church

So does teaming up with this guy. Pastor James Manning, of Harlem’s ATLAH World Church. He is extraordinarily popular with the Christian religious zealot conspiracy nut wing of the “liberty movement”.

Sure, he doesn’t want to abolish the State. Sure he put up a sign that said “Obama has released the homo demons on the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man.” Sure, he’s completely out of his mind. Sure he’s a homophobe and a racist, but since he’s black, our “left libertarian” friends will never call him out on it and so that’s okay.

What’s really important is, he supported Ron Paul. He has supported other third party, grassroots candidates like Anthony Tolda, Wiley Drake, and Laurie Roth! Look at all the support he has had on! He supports 9/11 Truth and the birther movement!
manninghatesobamaPerhaps most importantly, he gives Obama a hard time about everything! So just lay off of him! Who cares if he is constantly wrong? Who cares if he’s a racist? Who cares if he hates gays? Who cares if he regularly goes against the core principles of libertarianism? What matters is, he says he’s for “freedom” and there are some number of people who think he means it.

Who is and is not a libertarian?

Now, I’m kidding obviously. Manning is anything but a libertarian, and has no place in the “liberty movement”.

But ask yourself this. How far against the core principles of libertarianism does someone have to go before you say enough? Or perhaps since many of your still believe libertarianism leaves room for the State. Ask, how much extra stuff does someone get to add to libertarianism before you decide they’re just an infiltrator?

If leftist “thick libertarians” can inject “privilege” into every discussion, and label anyone who doesn’t agree with them a bigot. Then why not let Pastor James Manning insert Christianity into every discussion, and label everyone who disagrees with him, a devil?

I personally can’t stand Pastor James Manning. He’s a right wing religious nut and a statist. But he’s no worse than any “left libertarian”, Zeitgeist whacko, or Rand Paul supporter. At the end of the day, libertarianism is just a nice way of saying anarcho-capitalism. It is based around the non-aggression principle. We sorta tolerate a lot of inconsistency from people who are “still on the path” in hopes they will reach a sound philosophical conclusion. But if we see over the course of time that people reject the truth, at what point do we just stop pretending they are on “our team” and tell them to take a hike?


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