Russian Intervention in Ukraine was Lesser of Evils

Whenever there is some sort of military intervention, I’m generally a pretty vocal critic. State violence is never the answer. Unfortunately though, the recent uprisings in Ukraine were always destined for State violence, and so our only choices are limited to finding the lesser of evils.

I had said a few weeks ago, that the situation in Ukraine was hopeless. The Ukrainian government had essentially been bought out by the Russians, and some folks decided they would rather have been sold to the EU. In a completely irrational state of Stockholm Syndrome, slave was pitted against slave, in a fight to the death that would decide nothing more than who their slave master would be. I personally can’t think of a more pointless way to die.

Who Should Control Ukraine?

If the people of the Ukraine had risen up to overthrow their government in favor of no government, I’d not only be supportive, I’d seriously consider going and joining the fight. Even if they had risen up to demand an end to foreign intervention in their economy, I would have been supportive. Since their only argument was which foreign government should run their lives, I’m afraid I find myself with little sympathy for their cause.

Russian Intervention in Ukraine was Lesser of Evils
Russian Intervention in Ukraine was Lesser of Evils

Since the only possible outcome was foreign control of Ukraine, our choices were limited to Russian control, or a further expansion of the European/American empire. Since 9/11, the US has had military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Philippines, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Georgia, Djibouti, Haiti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Pakistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Libya, Uganda, Jordan, Chad, Turkey, Mali, Syria, and that’s just what I found on Wikipedia, not counting whatever insanity has been done covertly. I literally can’t keep track of how many wars “my country” fights anymore. So while I’m not happy about Russian control, I’m simultaneously ecstatic that further expansion of the European/American empire was put on hold in this case.

Since some foreign government was going to take hold, the end result was always going to be violence and coercion. Our choices were then limited to the charade of democracy, or the gun in the room becoming visible. While it’s all fine and well to desire peace, that’s not what democracy is. Democracy is just a more palatable form of violence and coercion. So palatable in fact, that people hold hands and dance in the streets when it happens, even if the vote was rigged. If people are going to be coerced, I far prefer them to be very pissed off about the matter. At least that way they know they are getting screwed, and they can do something about it besides waiting for the next sham election.

So my hope for Ukraine going forward, as terrible as it may sound, is that the Russian intervention on their soil is so intolerable that they would rather die than suffer through it. I hope they forcefully expel the Russian troops, and at the very least demand their own national sovereignty. Perhaps if they can figure out that much, they’ll be further along the road to demanding their own personal sovereignty, and doing away with slave masters altogether.


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