Gail Gerlach Faces A Decade In Prison for Shooting A Car Thief

Gail Gerlach Is a Hero, Not a Criminal.

Gail Gerlach’s day started off like any other on March 25, 2013. He wasn’t preparing to rob a bank or shoot up a military base when he strapped on his 9mm pistol that morning. Having a permit for the weapon, it was a pretty normal occurrence for him to carry his semi automatic. “I got up and I got dressed. I brushed my teeth, and then I came back into my bedroom and I retrieved my gun, like I usually do.” he told The Spokesman Review.

Gail Gerlach is a Hero, Not a Criminal
Gail Gerlach is a Hero, Not a Criminal

But that day, the weapon came in handy. As he left his Spokane home, he saw Brendon Kaluza-Graham stealing his Chevrolet Suburban. As the thief drove away in the vehicle, Gerlach claims he saw a gun, and fired one shot at the perpetrator. A well placed shot, which hit the bandit in the spinal cord just below the base of the skull killing him instantly.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Alright! Great! One less car thief, let’s throw a parade for this hero!”.

Prosecutors in his home state of Washington see it differently. As it turns out, the car thief was unarmed (you know, aside from that harmless stolen car of course). Prosecutors say that since the windows were tinted and dirty, there is no way Gerlach could have seen a weapon, even if the crook did have one. So they have charged the 57 year old self-employed plumber with first degree manslaughter.

Now, the trial is underway. A jury of eleven women and one man will decide if he is to spend the next ten years of his life in prison. The lone male on the jury, is an employee of the US Federal Government.

It would appear then, that the State of Washington is more concerned with putting plumbers in prison for defending themselves, than they are with car thefts. Property rights, self defense, the second amendment, these things all take a back seat when there’s an opportunity to put a man in prison.

Is the issue that the scumbag didn’t have a gun? Too bad Gerlach didn’t have a badge. Police shoot unarmed suspects all the time, we rarely see them charged, much less convicted, and never sent to prison. If only Gerlach had been a cop, he could have gotten a paid suspension instead of a manslaughter trial.

If only he had been heir to the DuPont fortune, then he could get convicted, and not go to prison for fear he would “not fare well” at his age.

But no, Gerlach is one of us. A regular guy who works for a living. So according to the government, he’s just expected to let criminals from both sides of the law victimize him, steal his property, and do whatever they want. Defending yourself is just plain out of the question. If Gerlach were to walk free, that would mean that cattle and sheep could rebel against farmers. Slaves could defend themselves against their masters. Women could walk away from their arranged marriages. Unacceptable! The only way to stop the entire societal order from collapsing is to throw this 57 year old plumber in a cage for the next decade.

There is a legal defense fundraiser on GoFundMe if you would like to help the Gerlach family.

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