“Libertarian Feminism” Isn’t Brave, Hipster

This morning, on the Libertarian Brutalism Facebook group, someone posted a screen shot from a Cathy Reisenwitz blog. The quote almost led me to believe there was some hope for the terribly misled left wing propagandist who markets her madness to libertarians. The quote is as follows;

Libertarianism was supposed to fix that preachy impulse in me. The best part about it is the humility it gives us to admit that we don’t know what’s best for anyone else. But then I decided I knew how libertarians should live. The irony is not lost on me.

I read that, and I thought to myself “Oh, maybe she’s starting to figure this out” and immediately went to read the rest of the article. Oh boy, was I let down. Not the way to start your morning. What I found was a twisted mess of fake humility and self aggrandizing, the likes of which could only come from a leftist blogger with no intention of coherence. Far from figuring out what libertarianism is, Cathy doubles down on her effort to “complete” libertarianism by getting into everyone’s business in the name of a philosophy that’s specifically supposed to get out of it.

I’ve been thinking about that lately. For a while now I’ve felt such pride over the iconoclastic stances I like to take. Oooh, I’m such a badass. And it’s true that I could get a lot more encouragement and adulation if I did more telling people what they want to hear and a lot less telling people that they’re wrong. But that’s dreadfully boring to me. And I think that telling people what they already think is true is ultimately completely and totally pointless.

However, today I got in one more Twitter fight about feminism. What a terrible brand, right? Why have I taken up a banner pretty much everyone hates? And I suddenly remembered that this has always kind of been my thing. First I was a hardcore Evangelical Christian. Then I grew out of that fervor and got a little more niche and into something even more people hated: I became a libertarian. Then, when that was just too mainstream I became an AnCap. Then when that got boring I decided to re-up on my feminism and add sex-positivity into the mix.

Cathy, you meet resistance on feminism in libertarian circles because feminism has about as much a place here as white supremacy. Gender is irrelevant to libertarianism, so is race, and even if you and your liberal friends manage to hijack yet another word from us and adopt your collectivist agenda to yet another collection of syllables in the English language, you will always be 100% completely and irrefutably wrong about this. Libertarianism was “complete” long before you decided to ditch the religion of Christianity for the religion of left wing collectivist nonsense.

Outside of libertarian circles, feminism, race baiting, and screaming “bigot” at everything you don’t like is extraordinarily popular. That’s why the “racist Ron Paul newsletters” was such a big news story, even though it was in reality a non-event. Not that there was ever any hope for electoral politics, but we can thank people like you for Barack Obama being president instead of Ron Paul, and most libertarians would have a hard time denying that the opposite would be preferable. There’s a great deal of anti-capitalist propaganda out there demonizing rich people, and so “privilege checking” really appeals to those people. That’s why Democrats have the White House and the Senate and so many government offices throughout the country. It’s why there are forced integration laws, and socialized medicine, and all sorts of collectivist left wing policies destroying human society all around the world. It’s because of people like you, that this is happening.

But you already knew that, didn’t you? That’s why you’re always telling people that they have to “expand” libertarianism. To make it more popular. You are not telling people we need libertarianism to take on feminism and reverse racism to make it less popular. You’re telling us we need to appeal to more people, not less. So really, all this “I’m so badass for taking on these less popular positions” crap that you’re spewing is contradicted by your own writings. You take on these positions specifically because they are popular, and then market yourself to libertarians so that you can be listened to instead of being drowned out by more talented and articulate propagandists in the main stream.

But again, you already knew that;

Part of it is me not feeling like I’m smart/informed/talented enough to compete in the mainstream. I’ve got big fish, little pond syndrome. I feel like I have so little power. I can’t do anything about the GOP, so I try to make libertarianism more appealing to women and minorities. I can’t do anything about the sexism in the culture at large, so I try to make feminism more useful and appealing.

Libertarian Feminism Is For Hipsters
Libertarian Feminism Is For Hipsters

The only thing unique about what you do is slipping in “not that I advocate the government force people” after you repeat all the same talking points of people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It’s really not all that creative or intellectual, and it certainly has nothing to do with libertarianism. You’re not an “iconoclast”, you’re a hipster. So your fears are well founded, you are not smart/informed/talented enough to compete in the main stream. Nor are you enough of any of those things to compete in libertarianism. All you’re doing is tossing up some word salad and marketing yourself to people who have become politically isolated, with the promise of popularity if they only disregard all the teachings of the people who have spent the last fifty years building this body of thought. It might be enough to get a few hundred people a day to visit your website, and it might be enough to get some main stream media outlets to give you a platform from which you can help them confuse people. All this probably makes you feel real good about yourself, but I assure you, that you’re the only one benefiting from it.

I’ve got news for you, Cathy. Democracies don’t discriminate against the popular. If we wanted to adopt all the most popular positions being advocated by the people winning all the elections, we wouldn’t have to oppose the State. Democracy only threatens the unpopular. So if you actually want to do something brave, try contradicting the race and sex propaganda being perpetrated by the people who are winning popular elections, instead of repeating it.

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