Anti-Gun Activist Leonore Draper Shot To Death

Leonore Draper takes her anti-gun activism to its only logical conclusion.

Leonore Draper always considered it better to be mercilessly gunned down as a defenseless slave, than to arm oneself for defense. It seems appropriate then, that the 32 year old anti gun activist became one of 4 people killed in the 27 shootings that happened on the streets of Chicago that day. Draper was just returning home from a gun control fundraiser Friday night, when bullets tore through her vehicle, fatally striking her in the arms and chest.

Anti Gun Activist Leonore Draper Shot
Anti Gun Activist Leonore Draper Shot

Leonore Draper was just outside of her home in the 1300 block of West 116th Street. She was still inside her vehicle when what police say appears to be a random drive by shooting occurred. As she lay bleeding out in her car, neighbors were at first unsure what had happened. “I saw her and I kept waiting for her to get out of her car but she didn’t and then I noticed her window was shot out,” said her neighbor, Robin Anderson.

Draper was transported to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where she later died, officials said. Police have not yet made any arrests in the case.

Despite some of the strictest gun control laws in America, Chicago is the murder capitol of the United States. That’s not good enough for folks like Leonore Draper. Despite an ever increasing amount of evidence that gun control laws increase violent crime, Draper, and organizations like The Orange Tree Project she was helping to raise funds for that night, and Ceasefire who knocked on neighbors doors after her shooting, insist more people be killed and imprisoned to carry out their political agenda.

I’m not sure which makes me happier, the fact that this case clearly spells out the failure of gun control laws, the fact that there’s one less gun grabber on the streets, or the fact that a liberal finally made a consistent stand. Regular readers will recall the case of Dwayne Ferguson, the anti gun activist who was caught with a pistol in a gun free school zone earlier this year, a felony under the NY SAFE ACT which he had campaigned for. Say what you will about Leonore Draper, at least she had the consistency to be murdered without any hope of defending herself like her policies say we all should do.

What this country needs is more Leonore Drapers bleeding to death on the streets of America. Thousands of them. Whether that leads to a renewed interest in self defense, fewer anti gun lobbyists in Washington and state capitols, or just a more principled Democratic Party, remains to be seen. Whatever the outcome, I can’t think of anything but good resulting from it.

The gang bangers who shot this woman probably set out to be the baddest guys on their block, little did they know they would end up becoming heroes in the process. I guess that’s what happens when you try to put all the guns in the hands of the State though. An out of control government steps up its abuse of the citizenry, and only lawbreakers have the weaponry necessary to do anything meaningful to stop it.

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