VIDEO: Adam vs. The Man & The Value of Movement Drama

Adam Kokesh had me on his show, Adam vs. The Man recently. We were originally going to discuss a very different topic, but when Adam asked me what I could say to offend his audience, the discussion took a turn. We wound up discussing the controversial nature of my presence in the liberty movement, and my views on the ups and downs of drama.

Cantwell on AVTM
Cantwell on AVTM

I think Adam’s skill as an interviewer really shined through here. I frankly started off sounding like a jerk in my opinion, which is sort of the character I play on the internet, but Adam teased out of me a more intellectual discussion. I’ve touched on it here a number of times, but I can’t stress enough how valuable I think infighting is. It often helps address important issues, it helps weed out charlatans, and it provides a certain level of entertainment, among other benefits. The downsides to all of this are really played up by the unity crowd, but the fact of the matter is, if infighting hurt movements, there would be no State politics, because that’s all State politics is, infighting.

We go into more detail in the video below. I hope it provides some valuable insight.


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