Consider The Implications of “Thick Libertarian” Strategy

“Thick Libertarian” Strategy Doesn’t Help Libertarianism.

Leftists, now shying from that term and its negative antipropertarian connotations, and calling themselves “thick libertarians“, tell us that we must “expand” our philosophy. They tell us we must do this, because that will make our radical movement more popular. They tell us there’s a lot of grey area in the voluntary vs. coercive spectrum. That if we don’t catch up with the times and start treating people special because of their race and gender, not only will we not succeed, but that this makes us racists.

The ill defined ad hominem attacks should be enough to dismiss these fools outright. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who are stupid enough to fall for this trick, even today, and even in libertarian circles. Just say “racist” and everybody goes “Racists? Where? I hate racists!” without taking two seconds to even identify what racism is, consider whether or not it even matters, and whether or not the target of the attack in fact engaged in it. This knee jerk reactionary insult to human intelligence is really enough to explain statism in and of itself. If you will fall for this, you’ll really fall for just about anything. State violence isn’t even necessary if you’re this stupid, the deception is enough to enslave you.

If our tactic then, is to take advantage of people’s ignorance and lack of intelligence, then let us just imagine what kind of wonderful people we can expect to draw into libertarianism. If we race bait and promise people equality, what sort of people might that draw into our movement? Well, we don’t have to imagine this. We’ve already seen it repeatedly, with the Democratic party, and Occupy Wall Street. Let’s have a look at some of the fine folks I had the pleasure of chatting with at Zuccotti Park back in 2011. (The text that follows is more important, so skip the videos if you’re short on time)

And That’s Not All

Left Libertarianism
Left Libertarianism

But realistically, that doesn’t even begin to cover the problem. Not only do these folks say we need to bring in the dregs of society shown above, we have to boycott and ostracize “racists” like Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, and Murray Rothbard. Nevermind that thickists like Cathy Reisenwitz classify “shaming” as “unjustifiable coercion”. Coercion has a lot of grey area to these folks after all, so we can apply “unjustifiable coercion” to “racists” (people who don’t care about race), just not to races. Unless of course that race is white, and especially if said white person is male, because they have some “privilege” that is unacceptable to thickist egalitarian views, and that this particular white male author has yet to find for himself.

So if libertarianism should ostracize Ron Paul, and Murray Rothbard, and Lew Rockwell, but it should embrace the types of people we saw at Occupy protests across the world, let’s just imagine what that looks like.

The Ron Paul Campaign

Well, since Ron Paul is a racist, and libertarianism rejects racism, we can’t very well have Ron Paul be part of the libertarian movement. According to Reisenwitz, the Ron Paul campaign was really a terrible thing for libertarianism. Celebrating this horrible racist old man and all. We should all really have been much more focused on marriage equality, and getting to the bottom of those 40 year old newsletters.

Hey Tucker, any suggestions where we might look?

Nevermind the fact that the Ron Paul campaign was the single biggest boost to libertarianism in the history of the word libertarian, especially amongst young people. This was tragically backwards, and we should really have spent more time talking to Obama supporters, because, you know, this woman will make a fine libertarian someday if we just promise her equality.

The Ludwig von Mises Institute

If Rockwell and Rothbard are racists, and libertarianism rejects racism, well, then we’re really going to have to resign this unfortunate incident to the dustbin of history. We’ll sort of sweep this tragic mistake of the LvMI under the carpet and pretend it never happened.

Yes, I know this may be difficult for some of you to understand, as we do away with the planet’s premier source of Austrian economic thought, but such is the price that egalitarianism demands. We must do away with the many thousands of hours of audio and video, thousands of free books in the literature section along with the full run of rare and wonderful journals, biographies and bibliographies of great economists, an active bookstore with outstanding titles as well as ties and shirts, and a full community with forums, chat, user blogs, and more.

Sorry racists, the #1 libertarian website on planet Earth, that has been host to hundreds of libertarian writers since 1999, that’s gotta go too. Way too much white male privilege going on there.

That sounds an awful lot like replacing libertarianism with something else

Thick Libertarians
Thick Libertarians

Of course, silly. Did you think the goal was to help libertarianism? Leftists have been doing this to political movements for over a hundred years. Why are you so surprised?

This is the most predictable and obvious thing imaginable, and the fact that people who call themselves libertarians fall for it just destroys my faith in humanity.

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