Cop Blocker Banned for Exposing Facebook Death Threat

Ademo Freeman, co-founder of, is banned from Facebook for 30 days after exposing threats made against him and his organization through their Facebook page. It is not unusual for Facebook to ban people for posting screen shots or images of other people, but considering that this user’s avatar is not an image of himself, and the last name was censored, this does not seem to meet the usual standard.

Cop Block Censored on Facebook
Cop Block Censored on Facebook

Especially considering the fact that it is definitely against Facebook’s policies to threaten people’s lives, as this post clearly does, it would seem if anybody should be banned, it was Ryan here. This would seem to be part of a larger trend of libertarians being banned from Facebook, and other social media outlets, as I have reported on here repeatedly. To name a few, Mark Dice, and Stefan Molyneux were banned from YouTube. Adam KokeshJosie Wales, and  Statist Idiot of the Day have all been banned from Facebook. I have been banned from Facebook dozens of times myself. A post was recently censored from Cop Block’s Facebook page for comparing police to Hitler for using dogs against innocent people. And it appeared that Facebook’s real names policy specifically targeted anyone using “Voluntaryist” as their middle name for some period of time. Founder Ademo Freeman Banned from Facebook for Exposing Death Threat Founder Ademo Freeman Banned from Facebook for Exposing Death Threat


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