Cathy Reisenwitz’s Christianity Is Like Her Libertarianism

Cathy Reisenwitz Says She’s Still A Christian, She Just Disregards All Its Teachings. Sort Of Like Her Libertarianism.

In a recent interview with Adam Kokesh on Adam vs. The Man, Cathy Reisenwitz discussed her religious faith. She says that she was raised as a neocon evangelical Christian in Alabama. She saw libertarians as these “weird sex having, drug doing libertines” a stereotype she says she now embodies, although she still considers herself a Christian. Cathy says;

I’ve kind of come to fully understand the absurdity of trying to apply very specific instructions, designed for very specific churches, a specific time, to modern day life. So while I’ve maintained the core of my faith, as far as it having a lot of applicability to how to live how to conduct myself, I’ve rejected most of that.

Adam Kokesh: So I would assume then the sort of dogma and organized institutionalization of religion

Cathy: Right, Exactly.

Adam Kokesh: So would you still call yourself a Christian then?

Cathy: I am, because I think that all that it really requires is, you know belief in the divinity of Christ. But, you know as far as, does that really impact my behavior, not, not really no.

Cathy Reisenwitz's Christianity
Cathy Reisenwitz’s Christianity

Now, don’t get me wrong. As an atheist, I’m really very happy to see people stray as far as possible from their religious doctrines and organizations. This diluted brand of Christianity is really quite common, and it’s sort of like the minarchism of religions in that “Hey, at least you’re not George Bush” sort of way. It also displays an irrationality that goes beyond that of fundamentalist Christianity, in that it still believes in the impossible, without even adhering to the ancient texts from which the irrational belief is derived.

“All that’s required is the belief in the divinity of Christ” No, actually. Christianity is born from a rather long text known as the Bible. Unlike most Christians, this atheist has actually read it. I’ve also rejected its instructions as absurd, but then I have the decency not to tell people I’m still a Christian. Cathy Reisenwitz lacks this integrity.

Instead, Cathy rejects the teachings of the Bible, and portrays herself as a Christian. She describes herself as “heteroflexible” and has engaged in polyamorous sexual relationships. I don’t much care what Cathy does with her body, but the Bible would tend to disagree with all of this. Sure, Jesus will eventually forgive her, but that doesn’t mean he approves of her promiscuity. He might not have stoned her to death, but he would tell her “go, and sin no more“.

Likewise, Cathy calls herself a libertarian. But far from a stripped down streamlined libertarianism, Cathy wants a thicker libertarianism with more rules. She spews economically incoherent gender propaganda like the “gender wage gap” nonsense that has been proven bullshit repeatedly. She wants to “add to” and “complete” libertarianism, which of course, will make it about as meaningful as her perversion of Christianity.

Like any good heretic, Cathy condemns the thought leaders of libertarianism. In the same interview with Adam, she says she came to libertarianism through Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard, and the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Just prior to that interview however, she condemned them as “super racists”, which, in her twisted perversion of libertarianism, is forbidden. By the Reisenwitz standard, Ron Paul, Walter Block, Lew Rockwell, and Murray Rothbard should all be shunned by libertarians and run out of the movement, despite being responsible for so much of its growth.

I can’t speak for other libertarians, but I’m not as forgiving as Jesus. An obviously phony apology and some backpedaling isn’t good enough for me, and I don’t think it should be good enough for you. Modern Christianity is a disaster, and while I consider its downfall a good thing, adherents to the Bible’s teachings are, and should be, upset with people who pervert its message while waving its banner. Libertarianism is a pretty solidly grounded school of thought based in reason and evidence. It is applicable to modern life. Perverting its message and slandering its leaders while claiming to be an adherent is an unwelcome intrusion on the good works of upstanding people. Unless we want it to become as twisted and meaningless as modern Christianity, then people like Cathy need to be corrected, and shunned until they make proper penance.

See the full interview below

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