Shout Out to My New “Stop Free Keene” Fans

Stop Free Keene Group Aims To Save Government from Freedom.

Have you guys heard about “Stop Free Keene“? They are a pro government counter protester group in Keene, New Hampshire that has formed in opposition to the libertarian Free Keene group. Well, first perhaps we should talk about Free Keene.

Free Keene is the primary blog site of the Keene, NH activist crew headquartered at the Keene Activist Center, from which regular readers will recall, I have been banned, repeatedly. It is home to a number of pacifists and thick libertarians. Factions of the movement which I constantly rail against on this blog, and who have repeatedly railed against me. It is a subfaction of the Free State Project, from which you may recall, I have also been banned.

For our new readers of Stop Free Keene, I’ll reiterate the ideological differences, and ask my regular readers to bear with me. Feel free to skip to the next bold type if what I say below seems repetitive to you, but I’ll try to keep this lively and entertaining.

You see folks, there might be two libertarians in this world who agree on everything, but I’m not one of them, and none of them live in Keene. In fact, the whole entire point of libertarianism (and a lot of people who call themselves libertarians miss even this) is that we’re really only supposed to have to agree on one thing, and that’s non aggression. In theory, this should be pretty easy for everybody, since violence really doesn’t appeal to most of society, at least insofar as they don’t want to engage in it themselves.

In practice it hasn’t really been working out that way of course. We have this huge menace to society called government which perpetually threatens and initiates force against all of us. To make matters worse, we have people like Stop Free Keene whose minds are so hopelessly enslaved by that menace, that they will actually organize an activist movement to support it. We simultaneously find this both comical and sort of frightening.

Now, myself and the fine folks of Free Keene agree on that principle of non-aggression, but that’s about where the similarities end. What to do once that line of aggression is crossed would be the most prominent difference, hence all the use of force discussion between us, and my expulsion from the institution. I’m a firm believer in the use of defensive violence against those who would use initiatory violence against us, even if those aggressors happen to be wearing badges, at least from a moral/philosophical perspective. We all sort of agree that this is not practicable in modern society. The Free Keene folks tend to be more pacifist, and think that if we just love everybody things will tend to work themselves out over time, evidence to the contrary be damned.

Whether or not that principle constitutes a full moral or legal code, or is enough to build a society around, that’s the other major difference, which would sort of be included in this larger “thick vs. thin” or “humanitarians vs. brutalists” libertarian debate. As an example, I’m a satirist and a stand up comedian, so I have little use for political correctness. I enjoy racial and gender based humor that often relies on stereotypes these types of folks consider to be racist and misogynist. Thin libertarianism, or brutalism as it has recently been coined, says this is really quite alright since it does not constitute a violation of that non-aggression principle. The thick libertarians or humanitarians say those kinds of jokes promote a culture of oppression and would just as soon see people like me run out of town on a rail.

If “Stop Free Keene” had a subfaction called “Stop Chris Cantwell” they might actually find themselves joining forces with a number of Free Keene members. Maybe you should consider that actually, I think it would be hilarious. Hell, if you guys hadn’t dragged me into this mess I was going to see if there was anything we could do to help each other.

So while I’m not familiar with the quote SFK is talking about, I suspect this is what Ian is talking about when he says “the drama” hasn’t even started yet. My return to New Hampshire, and Keene in particular is a thorn in the side of a lot of Free Staters and Free Keene in particular. My proximity to the KAC is no accident, I mean to antagonize my rivals.

I know you folks sort of look to Ian Freeman as the “leader” of Free Keene, due to his celebrity, leadership skills, and ownership of the building which houses the KAC. What you would find however, if you gave a shit about knowing what you were talking about, is that he doesn’t make a great deal of effort to control the direction of the group, and doesn’t generally assert himself as its leader. I think that’s sort of a larger left leaning trend in the organization opposing hierarchies (which I would disagree with) but I can’t say I’ve had that particular discussion with Ian. Perhaps we’ll have to do that some time… Stay tuned.

In any case, despite some major philosophical differences, Ian and I are arguably more serious about building a free society than a lot of our associates. That’s going to require some coalition building, and one thing there is little dispute on, is that Ian and I are both principled non aggressionists. I can’t speak for Ian, but from my perspective we make excellent intellectual adversaries, we’re both media personalities, and talented communicators. I find hashing out our differences to be intellectually stimulating, and when we do it in front of an audience, it is very entertaining which is good both for our political motives and for our reputations as media producers. I also find Ian to be a caring and generally pleasant guy who’s easy to get along with. He must like me for some other reason, because I don’t fit that description at all. So while it has not always been the case, Ian and I today consider each other friends, but I’m still not a member of Free Keene, nor do I care to be.

Stop Free Keene

Stop Free Keene
Stop Free Keene

If I haven’t lost the attention of my regular readers with all the old news rehashed above, this is where things get interesting for you. Free Keene now has their own counterprotesters. I’ve got to say, I’m sort of jealous. I have all this controversy on the internet, and every once in awhile I get to meet a hater in person, but a group of real people showing up in real life with hastily drawn signs is a whole new level of drama that gives me half a rod just to think about.

Desperate to dig up dirt on Free Keene, they began a rather lazy effort to dig up dirt on me. In the first article, they took some memes posted by other admins on The Brutalist Libertarian, an image someone else tagged me in, and an image someone posted on my timeline. They tried to use these to paint me as a racist, homophobic, misogynist, like we haven’t seen this routine before.

Unfortunately, Stop Free Keene moderates their blog comments, and won’t allow any dissenting opinions on the blog. I did leave the following comment though.

Perhaps if you’re going to label me a racist and homophobe, you might seek out something I actually posted myself. Everything you posted here was stuff random readers of mine tagged me in or posted to my timeline, or were posted by pages I find humorous. I assure you that you’ll have no trouble finding insensitive things that I have said myself, but this is just plain lazy on your part, trying to blame me for the postings of others.

It would seem that they are at least reading the comments before they delete them, because they did try a little harder with the second article. In it, they linked to, and quoted my article about the Brentwood, NH cop who got himself killed for sticking his nose where it didn’t belong, and they embedded my follow up video. Always grateful for more media attention and SEO, I thanked them with the following comment, which was also, unfortunately, held for moderation.

Much better than your previous attempt to smear me. Next you should check out my interview with Tom Woods, we said some very insensitive things about race, you guys would have a blast with that one.

Only one thing is still missing, I have no connection to Free Keene. I’m literally banned from their organization for exactly this type of rhetoric. So I’m not sure what exactly it is you think you’re accomplishing here, but I’m really looking forward to meeting you all in person.

As much as I find your efforts to condemn freedom rather pathetic, at least you’re doing something. Most people are too busy watching television to get off their asses and get involved.

Although they wouldn’t approve the comment, they did update their article with this;

UPDATE: Chris Cantread is evidently unaware of the NO FK COMMENTS ALLOWED policy now in effect here at SFK due to Johnson Rice’s allergy to not being a scumbag. In the spirit of discourse we’ll pass along the pertinent information.

“I have no connection to Free Keene. I’m literally banned from their organization for exactly this type of rhetoric. So I’m not sure what exactly it is you think you’re accomplishing here, but I’m really looking forward to meeting you all in person.”

If you’re not associated with FK then why are Jason and Ian so excited about having you back in town this June and dropping comments about how “the drama” hasn’t even started yet. Should we think about picking up some kevlar vests, Chris?

Making fun of my name, really? I thought that went out of style in second grade, but how much maturity does one expect from pro government protesters?

I can actually appreciate your distaste for Johnson Rice, he can be kind of a prick. I unfriended him on Facebook.

I already explained my relationship with Free Keene above. Who the hell is Jason?

To the Kevlar thing, (that’s a brand name, you should capitalize it) I assure you that if the membership of Stop Free Keene doesn’t pose a threat to my safety, then I pose no threat to theirs. The last thing I want is for you folks to feel afraid of me. You showing up and engaging us makes for great video, and I rely on that sort of thing for advertising revenue. You talking about me, sharing my videos, it all helps increase my public profile and spread my ideas. I’ll even help you guys promote yourselves just to help drive up the relevancy of your site so when you talk about me it gets more attention. I’m a fuckin fame whore, let’s cross promote. I’m really and truly grateful that you folks started this thing and I really can’t wait to meet you, we’re going to have so much fun together. Though I regret to inform you, you’re not going to stop anything, quite the contrary, we’ve all been waiting for exactly this kind of push back.

If you guys pay attention to what I say (I know you never will, but I figured I’d suggest it anyway) my entire thing is defensive force. I deplore violence and do not engage in it unless threatened. I do however carry a gun, I’m pretty good with my draw, and I’m a fairly decent shot, so if you want to do any harm to me, I’d suggest a sniper rifle instead of a vest. That way you can do your violence without putting yourself in harms way, like fucking cowards that you are. Vests don’t protect your head, if you get shot it still hurts like a bitch even if it does save your life, and summer is fast approaching. A good bullet resistant vest can be very uncomfortable in the heat, and it’s just a ridiculous fashion statement, but then again, you guys don’t mind looking like idiots, do you?

UPDATE 4:45pm EST 05/18/2014: Stop Free Keene member Bethany Geer Duhaime has filed a false police report against me, claiming this blog post threatened her.

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