Stop Free Keene Makes Frivolous Police Report

Last night I wrote about the Stop Free Keene pro government activist group in Keene, NH. It appears these loyal readers took the time to read my post, but didn’t much care for interpreting it in any sort of honest way. Today this image was posted in their Facebook group by Bethany Geer Duhaime saying “Christopher Cantwell is threatening all of us. This is a guy who has been officially kicked out of the Free State Project, yet Free Keene is waiting to welcome him with open arms.

Does this look like a threat to you?
Does this look like a threat to you?

Statists never run short on dishonesty, of course. They wouldn’t be statists if they did, but I think this sort of takes it beyond cognitive dissonance and into the realm of purposeful deception.

For starters, over 1,000 words of the exact essay she screencapped this from, were explaining my expulsion from Free Keene. How she interprets this as “Free Keene is waiting to welcome [me] with open arms” is really quite beyond any semblance of rational analysis.

Secondly, the quote is taken out of context. It is part of a larger message which started with them asking me the question “Should we think about picking up some kevlar vests, Chris?” and me answering;

To the Kevlar thing, (that’s a brand name, you should capitalize it) I assure you that if the membership of Stop Free Keene doesn’t pose a threat to my safety, then I pose no threat to theirs. The last thing I want is for you folks to feel afraid of me. You showing up and engaging us makes for great video, and I rely on that sort of thing for advertising revenue. You talking about me, sharing my videos, it all helps increase my public profile and spread my ideas. I’ll even help you guys promote yourselves just to help drive up the relevancy of your site so when you talk about me it gets more attention. I’m a fuckin fame whore, let’s cross promote. I’m really and truly grateful that you folks started this thing and I really can’t wait to meet you, we’re going to have so much fun together. Though I regret to inform you, you’re not going to stop anything, quite the contrary, we’ve all been waiting for exactly this kind of push back.

Lastly, even the text depicted, is no threat. It’s just asserting that I will defend myself. If anything, them taking it as a threat, can only mean that they intend to do physical violence to me, and in so doing, provoke a response of defensive violence.

The claim is so ridiculous, even the Keene Police Department said they couldn’t help when Bethany reported it to them.

Bethany Geer Duhaime Called Police on Christopher Cantwell
Bethany Geer Duhaime Called Police on Christopher Cantwell

For a pro government group, these people don’t seem to be too interested in obeying the law themselves. Making “False Reports to Law Enforcement” is a misdemeanor under RSA 641:4 in New Hampshire.




Section 641:4

641:4 False Reports to Law Enforcement. – A person is guilty of a misdemeanor if he:
I. Knowingly gives or causes to be given false information to any law enforcement officer with the purpose of inducing such officer to believe that another has committed an offense; or
II. Knowingly gives or causes to be given information to any law enforcement officer concerning the commission of an offense, or the danger from an explosive or other dangerous substance, knowing that the offense or danger did not occur or exist or knowing that he has no information relating to the offense or danger.

Source. 1971, 518:1, eff. Nov. 1, 1973.

Something tells me the KPD is not going to be so anxious to enforce their laws in this case. Not that I much care, people like Bethany and the rest of the Stop Free Keene crew are really important to my strategy for achieving a free society. The last thing I want is to lose the propaganda value of witless, dishonest law breakers taking the side of government.

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