Patrick Stesner, Berkely NJ Police Beats Handcuffed Suspect

News 12 New Jersey is reporting that Patrolman Patrick Stesner Jr. of the Berkeley Township, NJ police department punched a handcuffed suspect in a jail cell. The video, (shown below) shows suspect Darren Yurick being punched repeatedly by two officers while handcuffed in a jail cell.

Yurick, 38, was accused of assaulting his estranged wife last year. The video of the assault appears to stem from that charge while he was in police custody. He was removed from his cell after he was seen touching the lock through the bars, then tackled, and choked. Once subdued and cuffed, he was escorted back into the cell, where officers say he kicked them, but no kicking is readily visible in the video. The officer’s official report says they struck him once, but numerous blows can be seen on the video. Yurick suffered a fractured nose and a neck injury.

The Berkeley Township, NJ police department, and Patrolman Stesner himself, have a history of assault. Including settling a lawsuit for $110,000 in 2010 for beating another suspect.

Patrolman Patrick Stesner Jr beats Darren Yurick
Patrolman Patrick Stesner Jr beats Darren Yurick

If it doesn’t go without saying, Yurick is a piece of shit if he really assaulted his estranged wife. I don’t have any sympathy for this “suspect”. I do however have a serious problem with the fact that Stesner and the Berkeley police are given the authority to kidnap countless people for victimless crimes, while they themselves are violent aggressors, with their crimes video recorded and settled in courts of law. If they are willing to beat a handcuffed suspect in a jail cell, and make up stories about why they did it, then they can’t be trusted to handle the countless suspects of victimless crimes that they kidnap off the streets each day.

Stesner has already been accused of assaulting at least one other suspect, and the fact that the township was willing to pay $110,000 dollars to prevent it from coming to court says something about the evidence that would have come to light if it had. For the department to keep him on board after giving that much money to a suspected criminal, says something about their leadership’s discretion.

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