Welcome to New Hampshire!

I’ve been pretty quiet the last week. So much so that memes of “missing” have been passed around about me on Facebook. Fear not, for I am alive and well, and as free as anybody else in the United States. The reasons for the silence include the fact that I just moved back to Keene, NH, and upon my arrival received yet another ridiculous 30 day ban from Facebook.

My arrival in New Hampshire is big news for a lot of people. You may recall I was kicked out of the Free State Project just as this website launched last year. Keene especially, since I was kicked out of the Keene Activist Center shortly after, and these folks are now my neighbors.

There’s a lot of things going on, some of which includes major media and non disclosure agreements. You may soon be seeing me on what I can only refer to for now as “A Nationwide Comedy Show”, who interviewed me about my Justin Bourque/Jerad Miller articles as I was open carrying during a chalking demonstration in Keene. It is all but certain that a documentary crew will soon be joining me here soon, but again, due to the non disclosure agreement I can’t say much else.

What I can talk about is the three bedroom house I now have all to myself. I’ll be looking to rent out some space in this place soon. A number of people who are already in New Hampshire have already expressed interest in renting this space, but I am thinking I might be better off using it to bring in new recruits. If you’re a brutalist who would be interested in volunteering to help me step up my media production, and has some geographically independent source of income, I’d love if you would hit up my contact form and tell me why I should choose you.

Speaking of stepping up media production, I am turning my basement into a studio. Soon I will begin producing a lot more YouTube videos, and bringing back Some Garbage Podcast. Lacking the spectacular talent of my former co-host, Eddie Dunne, I’ll be rotating out guest co-hosts until I find something that works on a more regular basis.

None of this is cheap, and I’m going to be starting up a crowdfunding campaign soon to help cover some of my costs once I’ve got a budget planned. I’m going to be making a go of being a full time professional activist/media producer here, and my existing donor base and ad revenues will not cover this expense. If you are able to help, just imagine me down on my knees begging for any contribution you can possibly spare, and head on over to my donate page. I really need your help, and if you appreciate the work I’ve done, now is the most crucial time for you to assist. PayPal allows you to make monthly recurring donations and this would be the best possible help for those of you unable to make large one time donations.

Welcome to New Hampshire - Live Free or Die
Welcome to New Hampshire – Live Free or Die

But it’s not me that I wanted to welcome to New Hampshire. Rather, I want to address the fine folks who are arriving today and throughout the week for the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire. Unfortunately, since this is an FSP sponsored event, I won’t be attending. I’m really glad that those of you who could make it are here though. I live like 2.5 hours from Roger’s Campground where the event is hosted, but if some of you would like to make the trip to Keene to see me, I’d love to show you around the new place and discuss my plans for the future. Feds, haters, and facebook post reporters need not apply.

While I personally won’t be at PorcFest, I expect you’ll see/hear my name from time to time. A lot of supporters have reached out to assure me that I won’t be forgotten at this event which has, in the minds of many, been the signature event of the libertarian movement. I hope that many of you will help in that effort, and let Carla Gericke, Jody Underwood, and the rest of the FSP leadership and attendees know that you don’t appreciate my artistic, philosophical, and tactical contributions being silenced and slandered.

More importantly, I hope you’ll defend libertarianism itself. This discussion has been way too focused on me, and while I appreciate the support and publicity, that’s not what it’s about.

Libertarianism recognizes a right to use of force in defense of person and property. Libertarianism does not make exception for tax collectors, police officers, soldiers, and other government agents. Anybody who says otherwise attacks libertarianism. They make this about me because that seems more convenient, but make no mistake about it, pacifism is an enemy of liberty. New Hampshire was chosen by the FSP for a number of reasons, not the least of which include the fact that there’s next to no gun control here, the self defense laws include no “duty to retreat” from where one has a right to be, and the NH constitution’s bill of rights includes a right to revolution.

If now is not the time to exercise that right, that’s fine, but if not now, then when? If you’re not the person to exercise that right, that’s fine, but if not you, then who? Any organization that bars this discussion from taking place, cannot in good faith tell you they are working to pursue liberty.

You’ll see a lot of porcupine caricatures at PorcFest, it is after all, the “Porcupine Freedom Festival”. Ever wonder why that is? The porcupine is an animal that doesn’t bother anybody, but of course, if you mess with the porcupine, you’re going to have a bad time. If you trouble the porcupine, you get stuck full of quills. The porcupine doesn’t care if you’re a dog, a cat, an anarchist, or a police officer, and neither should you. To suggest that a porcupine has more of a right to defend itself than a human being, well, let’s just say that I don’t trust anyone who believes that, to defend my freedom.

If somebody said “kill all the gays”, we wouldn’t tend to call them an advocate of homosexuality. If somebody said “lynch black people” we wouldn’t tend to call them an advocate of blacks. So for people to say that myself and others are advocates of initiatory force is completely incoherent and dishonest. We advocate for force against State agents. State agents are full time in the business of initiatory force. To use force against them is the strongest opposition to initiatory force. Those who smear and slander us, those who oppose use of force against aggressors, they are the advocates of initiatory violence.

Pacifism isn’t the only issue threatening libertarianism. Lately there’s been a lot of effort to insert other contrary agendas, like political correctness, feminism, egalitarianism, and reverse racism disguised as “anti-racism”. This all might sound familiar to anyone who has ever watched State politics, because these are issues of the Democratic Party. Don’t let the “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” catch phrase fool you, this isn’t what libertarianism is about. Libertarianism is about the use of force in society. So to say feminism is a part of it is either to be incoherent, or to advocate violence against men. To say that reverse racism is a part of it, is either to be incoherent, or to advocate violence against whites. To say that political correctness is a part of it, is either to be incoherent, or to advocate violence against people who say that which you disagree with.

So I won’t be checking my privilege, and neither should you. Instead, let’s check the motives of our leaders. If their motives don’t match up with our goals, then let’s find new leaders, or better yet, lead ourselves. Let’s check our food storage, and our ammo supplies, because despite over a decade of effort from the FSP, the politicos, and countless charismatic propagandists, anybody who can read a newspaper or turn on a television knows that things are getting worse out there, not better. The State is expanding, not contracting, and behaving more like Democrats is terribly unlikely to do anything to reverse that course.

For my end, I’ll be pushing the limits of liberty, and I would encourage you all to join me. Through the internet we have the power to push these limits all over the world, but the most important work we do is in physical space. To make that most effective, we need to be geographically concentrated. So if you’re on your way here to visit, please consider making this place your home. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, if you support the work I do, we need more people like you to rescue what I truly believe to be the best possible chance of liberty in our lifetime.

Welcome to New Hampshire, where we say “Live Free or Die” and some of us actually mean it.

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