John Kerry is Right About Code Pink

In a recent Senate hearing about US plans to combat the “Islamic State” group in Iraq and Syria, Code Pink left wing activists showed up to protest the war effort. A seemingly noble enough goal to many, who recognize that the conflicts in the region are escalating perpetually, and heading nowhere positive.

I’ve personally had engagements with Code Pink and Madea Benjamin on numerous occasions, both on the same side, and as opponents. They were with Adam Kokesh and I at the Jefferson Memorial Dance Party, as well as at the Bradley Manning trial. On another day, Adam and I ran into them outside of an NRA press conference where they were calling for a ban on “assault weapons” and some would quietly acknowledge they really sought a ban on all weapons for non-government personnel.

John Kerry addresses Code Pink
John Kerry addresses Code Pink

At the Senate hearing, Code Pink activists held signs saying “There is no military solution” and “More war = More extremism”, one demonstrator shouted “More invasion will not protect the homeland!” repeatedly as she was escorted from the room.

John Kerry addressed the group. (You can see the video at the bottom of this article)

Code Pink was started by a woman, and women, who were opposed to war, but who also thought that the government’s job was to take care of people. And to give them health care, and education, and good jobs, and if that’s what you believe in, and I believe it is, then you ought to care about fighting ISIL. Because ISIL is killing, and raping, and mutilating women. And they believe women shouldn’t have an education. They sell off girls to be sex slaves to jihadists. There is no negotiation with ISIL, there is nothing to negotiate. Code Pink and a lot of other people need to stop and think about how you stop them and deal with that. So, I, I will.

(It is at this point the verbal demonstrator shouts “More invasion will not protect the homeland”)

So, it’s important for people to understand. There’s no invasion. The invasion was ISIL into Iraq. The invasion is foreign fighters into Syria. That’s the invasion. And it is destructive to every possibility, of building a State in that region.


Now, we can say with some degree of certainty that there’s a massive propaganda effort being made to convince Americans that war is the answer. Without a doubt, we’re hearing falsehoods about the threat this group poses. There’s even some remote possibility that what we’re hearing about ISIL from the US Government is nearly as ridiculous as what we’re hearing about economics from Code Pink.

We can say with absolute certainty that war (whatever the government chooses to call their killing spree) will not do anything to improve the lives of anyone good. Whatever ISIL is doing in Iraq and Syria and anywhere else, can be directly attributed to previous US interventions in foreign affairs, and with the trajectory the conflict is on we can be certain the next escalation will only make matters worse.

Still, no matter how many times I see it right in front of my face, I have difficulty believing anyone could hold views so contradictory as those of Code Pink and similar activists. They will shout to tax the rich, to seize the defensive weapons of people like myself, to regulate industries out of existence, to use so much government violence against their neighbor. It’s not until the government violence causes death in some other country that they get upset. Oh, I’m sorry, they do get rather upset when black people get shot by police in America. White males? Not so much…

But a rich man who doesn’t want to pay for war? Yeah, lock him up and throw away the key. Break down his door with government guns off safety, shoot his dogs in front of his children. An American anarchist who doesn’t want to relinquish his weapons to the people who wage the wars? Send in the Marines! How dare he defy the will of our wise and noble politicians in Washington? Gun him down before he infects the minds of the youth with his dissent!

“We oppose war! That’s why we want to give all the guns and all the money and all the control over everything to the people who wage the war! If we just do that, then they’ll spend all that money on making everybody equal!”

No, Madea… Sadly, this is what democracy looks like. It is war, and violence, and misery, and death. You may occasionally pop your head in to oppose one action or another, but overall, you seek to empower the war machine. With every dollar you seek to have taken from those whom you envy, with every gun you have taken from people who would defend their families and property, you fill another prison, you buy another bomb. You make certain that the most violent government in the history of mankind has nothing to fear from the people it oppresses, that the worst it will ever have to tolerate is folks like yourself making a scene for the cameras, and that all they have to do to stop it is drag you out of the frame.

So as long as you demand that the government give you food, and shelter, and medicine, and education, as long as you demand government harm those who disobey them at home, know that you are directly responsible for the harm they do abroad. A government which provides jobs, and medicine, and food, and shelter, is terribly unlikely to meet resistance from those it provides for. A government which takes the resources of those who produce, and hands them out freely to those who do not, eventually comes face to face with the mathematical impossibility of that economic model, and will react violently outwards in an effort to acquire the resources it squandered on its social programs within. It will perpetually attract the worst people to it, as its capacity for evil grows with the power you grant it.

So let us lift up our glasses to the left wing anti-war activists, to the round squares, military intelligence, fair taxes, working vacations, and other oxymorons. They might not be doing anything positive for human society, but they sure do know how to put on a show for the main stream media.

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