Stop Pretending You Care About School Shootings

Once again, somebody without much respect for laws walked into a gun free school zone and started shooting people. This time in the state of Washington, in Marysville. The shooter has been identified as 14 year old Jaylen Fryberg, a popular and well liked football player at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. Once again, the same people who advocated for the creation and maintenance of that shooting gallery, are calling to restrict access to firearms for the rest of us.

Stop Pretending You Care About School Shootings
Stop Pretending You Care About School Shootings

It’s almost pointless to discuss these things any more. The conversation after each incident is just so repetitive. The conversation is always about guns, for or against. We can probably expect the NRA to renew their call for the federal government to arm liberal union scumbag teachers, who are already doing so much damage to our children without weapons. Predictably, the anti-gun left begins calling for gun restrictions that would have done nothing to prevent the shooting, even before the bodies turned cold.

How predictable of the State… “Hey, there’s a problem, which harm should we inflict on you to ‘solve’ it?”

Never mind the fact that Washington is an open carry state, and shall issue concealed carry state. Forget the fact that if this shooting had taken place anywhere but a school, the shooter would likely have been shot by an armed bystander. A school was about the only place a shooting like this one could have been carried out. Sure the shooter didn’t seem to care much about his own life, having turned the gun on himself and all. He did however, for whatever reason, want to kill his targets. That’s extraordinarily difficult to accomplish when said targets, as well as bystanders, can shoot back.

More importantly, there’s a reason guns aren’t allowed in schools. It’s the same reason they aren’t allowed in prisons. The difference between schools and prisons, is essentially whether or not the inmates go home at the end of the day. I don’t know about the schools you went to, but mine had concrete walls, guards at the exits, escape was punished harshly, and failure to appear could result in an arrest warrant. Treating armed people in this way has a tendency to result in dead authority figures, and authority figures are far from fond of this kind of thing happening.

In every book or movie about a dystopian future with a totalitarian government using mind control and propaganda to enslave its citizenry, we hear about “re-education camps”. If the United States were to announce “re-education camps” for the disobedient, surely whichever political party not in the White House would raise hell and begin quoting George Orwell. Why so many people are comfortable with that concept just because it happens in the initial round of education, simply removing the “re-” part, escapes my comprehension.

Schools are prisons, the inmates have been disarmed to prevent them from harming the guards. The guards have been disarmed to prevent the inmates from getting one of their guns. The guards however, are quite clearly there to keep the inmates in, as opposed to keeping threats out. Otherwise, shooters would have a hard time acquiring their targets. Remember that the next time you call for closed borders, my anti-immigration friends.

If you actually cared about school shootings, you would do something meaningful to stop them. You would be calling for the release of the inmates, the abolition of the daytime childhood prisons you call public schools. You would be offended at the notion that government would forcefully occupy the minds of young people during the best years of their lives. You would be enraged that whether you used that system or not, you were forced to pay for it through taxation.

If you’re calling for gun control, if you’re calling to arm the guards of your child’s prison, you’re making no effort to solve the problem. It is a display of intellectual sloth. No doubt a product of your own childhood indoctrination. When you were a prisoner of the school system, you were taught that the State would manage every aspect of your life, and so you expect it to control every aspect of your child’s life as well. Should you dare defy the State, then the guns that would be brought to bear on you would make the puny arsenal of even the most well armed school shooter look rather harmless by comparison. If that doesn’t make you sick, then stop pretending you care about school shootings. Realize instead, that you are as much to blame for these deaths as the trigger men themselves, that through your support for daytime childhood prisons, through your support for guns being aimed at those who refuse to support these prisons, indeed that your very belief in the institution of the State, is the culprit here.

You don’t care. You’re just using whatever you see on television to support your political agenda. Admit it, you don’t care about school shootings, because dead children are a small price to pay for your dedication to your deity, the State.

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