Liberals Resort To Cannibalism Over “Street Harassment”

If you watched the “street harassment” video I wrote about yesterday, it was nearly impossible not to notice that the majority of people attempting to flirt with the overweight white woman in the video, were non-whites. To race realists, this probably didn’t come as too big of a surprise. To white liberals who have never visited a black or Hispanic neighborhood, however, this is racism. 

An article in Slate titled “The Problem With That Catcalling Video” states;

But the video also unintentionally makes another point, that harassers are mostly black and Latino, and hanging out on the streets in midday in clothes that suggest they are not on their lunch break. As Roxane Gay tweeted, “The racial politics of the video are fucked up. Like, she didn’t walk through any white neighborhoods?”

It goes on to say

At the end they claim the woman experienced 100 plus incidents of harassment “involving people of all backgrounds.” Since that obviously doesn’t show up in the video, Bliss addressed it in a post. He wrote, “we got a fair amount of white guys, but for whatever reason, a lot of what they said was in passing, or off camera” or was ruined by a siren or other noise. The final product, he writes, “is not a perfect representation of everything that happened.” That may be true but if you find yourself editing out all the catcalling white guys, maybe you should try another take.

This is not the first time Bliss has been called out for race blindness.

Liberal Cannibalism - Race Pimps vs Feminists
Liberal Cannibalism – Race Pimps vs Feminists

Because of course, for people who want to eliminate racism, “race blindness” is a bad thing, right? Also, with only two exceptions, everything that was said to the actress was said “in passing” so I suspect he’s just trying to appease his liberal friends. Bliss has no problem displaying things said in passing, so it would appear the majority of people talking to Shoshana Roberts were actually non-whites, despite the fact that most people living in New York City are white.

If it is a fact that non-whites engage in more “street harassment” than whites, why are liberals so upset about that reality being shown in a video? If you want to address “street harassment”, then why are you afraid to address the communities where it is most prevalent?

Now there is a petition demanding Rob Bliss, the creator of the video, release all 10 hours of footage, so the race pimps can search for white guys behaving badly. It reads as follows

Hollaback! and Rob Bliss Creative recently released a video of an actress being repeatedly harassed by catcallers as she went about her business in New York City. Unfortunately, as Hanna Rosin has pointed out in her Slate piece entitled “The Problem with that Catcalling Video: The White Guys Were Edited Out,” the video was made in a way that reflects the omnipresent implicit racism of our day: it doesn’t depict a representative number of white men harassing the actress. We are not satisfied with the creators’ excuses, namely that the white men only catcalled during sirens, in deceptive “polite voices,” or with invisible gestures [paraphrase].

We request–nay, insist–that the makers of the video release the suppressed footage, so that Ms. Rosin can either re-edit the video herself, or appoint a commission to perform the editing according to her standards. The video should reflect the reality that we and Ms. Rosin demand to see.

Rob Bliss Creative
Please release the suppressed video footage of white men harassing Shoshana Roberts, so that Hanna Rosen can re-edit the video in a more appropriate manner.
[Your name]

I suppose it is lost on our liberal friends that from 10 hours of video, the producer was only able to find about a minute and a half of people saying “Hello”, “Good morning, beautiful”, and “Have a nice evening” to count as harassment. It would seem that “street harassment” is not nearly as common as Hollaback! had hoped to portray to begin with. All the substance they had left was two black creeps who followed her for a few minutes. If they decide to include more white men, I suspect she might get offered a free coffee or two, and I highly doubt white liberals are going to complain about free Starbucks.

How about instead of trying to demonize white men, you folks just accept that it’s not a crime to flirt with a woman on the streets? That way, you won’t have to worry about the racial makeup of people doing it. There are certain behaviors that sane people understand are more popular amongst blacks than whites. Things like talking in movie theaters, and hitting on overweight white women, are huge in the black community. As long as they’re not initiating force, I say let them have their fun.

If you liberals can’t tolerate the reality of this, then just realize one thing. If you pass laws that make it illegal to flirt with strangers, you’ll just have one more reason for police to incarcerate more black men at a higher rate than white men. For folks who are so concerned about racial equality, this seems to be a poor investment of your political capital.

In the meanwhile, I’m happy to see the left go to war over whether their anti-white or anti-male agendas are more important. I hope it creates organizational chaos and prevents you from accomplishing any of your goals. Although, I know that’s unrealistic, because you people have no principles by which to stand for. So whatever candidate the Democratic party shoves down your throats, will have your support.

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