Brittany Maynard – Suicide Advocate Who Walked The Walk

Brittany Maynard was only 29 years old when she swallowed a lethal dose of medication that ended her life. The attractive young woman was just recently married, happy by all accounts, she loved her family, and she was of sound mind.

Brittany Maynard
Brittany Maynard

Brittany’s suicide was not the result of a failed mental health system, inability to afford care, or a tragic drug accident. It was a conscious choice which she put a great deal of thought into. She died on her own terms, surrounded by loved ones, in an Oregon home she had picked out for just this particular purpose.

Brittany got married in 2012. She was trying to have children with her husband Dan, when she began suffering from constant headaches. When she went to see a doctor about the headaches, she was diagnosed with brain cancer, just over a year after her wedding.

She had two surgeries, but the tumor came back aggressively. She was given six months to live, and suffered from frequent, painful, and debilitating seizures. The medication prescribed for reducing the brain swelling that caused the seizures, had its own side effects like rapid weight gain and discomfort. Doctors advised full brain radiation, knowing it would not save her life, and would cause her great pain and discomfort in the little time she had left.

After determining that hospice care in her home state of California wasn’t the choice for her, Brittany began looking into “death with dignity” aka assisted suicide. A process by which a doctor prescribes a lethal medication, which the patient self administers, and fades off to a sleep from which she would never wake.

But there was one problem, this is a crime in California. In fact, in all but 5 US states, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont and New Mexico, a doctor who provides this sort of end of life care, can be thrown in prison. Oddly enough, in many US states, even unassisted suicide is considered a crime, but good luck imposing a penalty.

When assisted suicide is made illegal, it of course doesn’t prevent a person from ending their own life. It only makes the process more frightening, lonely, and potentially tragic. I personally find it hysterical that in my home state of New Hampshire, I am welcome to carry a handgun without a permit, which nobody could realistically stop me from using to evacuate my skull. If I were to get a suicide pill from a doctor on the other hand, we’d both be facing prosecution.

The former option makes a horrific mess, a loud noise, risks others being injured by a passing bullet or skull fragments, rules out an open casket, and could even leave me still living with severe brain damage, a burden to my family and society.

In the latter option, the only risk, is the State.

Needless to say, this is par for the course when dealing with the State.  Marijuana is terribly unlikely to turn you into a strung out junky, but the State will have no problem ruining your life for possessing it. While people rightfully have concerns about some drunk driving, the fact of the matter is millions of drinking drivers make it home safely every night, the most dangerous portion of their ride home being the police who arrest over 1.4 million people a year for this perfectly normal behavior. Prostitution, sodomy, cohabitation, you name it, the State prosecutes far more people for victimless “crimes” than it could possibly find actual criminals.

Far from improving the lives of any of these victimless “criminals” the State claims to be protecting from themselves, their lives are damaged, often beyond repair.

Assisted suicide prohibitions have to be the oddest of all though. There is literally no possibility of this harming anybody but the person who chooses to end their own life, and in almost all of the cases we hear about, such as Brittany’s, this person is going to die anyway. The only question is how much they will suffer first.

I’m sure our religious friends would tell us that this is because life is sacred. I can appreciate that sentiment, because I’m pro life and anti-war. Of course, the religious folks in our government have this terrible habit of treating life as anything but sacred. Cheering on police who gun down innocent men, women, children, and pets here at home, and soldiers who murder indiscriminately overseas, hardly speaks to one’s reverence for life. Since assisted suicide laws don’t actually prevent suicide, but only increase suffering and risk of collateral damage, I can only conclude that the real reason for them is something else.

The State has no regard for life, as it is itself a death cult. The State will end your life without your consent simply for being disobedient. Surely they care not if you die willingly. It is not their veneration for life, but their lust for suffering that inspires these laws.

In this light, it makes a great deal more sense. If we look at the State, it is the number one preventable cause of human death and suffering in the world. It wages wars, promotes “medicines” that do more harm than good, it runs an education system that teaches children the opposite of all that is true, it imprisons millions of people, strangles economies, steals, kills, and maims. From that perspective, encouraging a person to blow their brains out instead of a medically sound end of life procedure, makes perfect sense.

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