Anna Merlan Is Fishing For Death Threats

Q. What does a feminist do when she isn’t being threatened?
A. Complain about being threatened.

Anna Merlan, aka Anna Francesca,  wrote an article in Jezebel today discussing “death threats” sent to Rose Eveleth on Twitter after she started a ridiculous feminist uproar about some dude’s shirt. There’s only one problem, none of what she cited was a death threat, or a threat of any sort. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who suggested Rose should kill herself, but that’s not a death threat. That’s just pointing out the obvious fact that the world would be a better place without feminists like Anna Merlan and Rose Eveleth.



These tweets you see above are all that is cited as “death threats” as of 12:13pm EST 11/13/2014.

I’m less than surprised to see a feminist blogger stoop to such dishonest tactics. I mean, if saying hello is harassment, if “sexualizing women in the media” is rape, well, I guess insulting somebody on twitter must be murder, right? Or perhaps Anna Merlan thinks that women are so oppressed by men, that being told to kill herself on Twitter is really going to result in her death? Perhaps she thinks women are so weak of mind, that they just plain lack the capacity to disobey a tweet from a stranger? Or maybe she’s just looking for a government job…  


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