Camera Ambushed By Left Libertarian Garrett Ean

While out exercising I was confronted by left libertarian and fellow activist Garrett Ean in Keene, New Hampshire. Garrett apparently had written an article criticizing my confrontation with Matthew Schmidt, aka “Boston Strong” which had happened some weeks earlier.

Garrett has been one of my principle rivals here in Keene. When I first arrived here in 2012, I noticed he had strategically placed propaganda like “Markets not Capitalism” around the Keene Activist Center. As a Rothbardian anarcho-capitalist, I tend to frown upon anticapitalist propaganda being posted in libertarian institutions except as a “know thy enemy” sort of tactic. Garrett had posted it for wholly different reasons, along with other left wing propaganda about the civil rights movement and more.

He was essential to my expulsion from the KAC later on, over my article about the Gabby Giffords shooting. Garrett is consistently an opponent of defensive violence, and had opposed my reentry upon my return to Keene.

Despite all this, he seems somehow surprised that I’m not exactly his biggest fan.

Watch him get outsmarted at his own passive aggressive douchebaggery in the video below.

Garrett was “The Afrochist” featured in the recent Colbert Report video.

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