White Knighting at Foxy Lady Latte

A Free Talk Live caller had an epiphany about human nature as he rescued a damsel in distress at Foxy Lady Latte in Washington state. In case you didn’t already know, Foxy Lady Latte is a place where half naked girls serve you coffee. A brilliant marketing gimmick if I’ve ever heard of one.

White Knighting at Foxy Lady Latte
White Knighting at Foxy Lady Latte

“Mac” as he called himself, said he used to be a progressive, lefty, liberal. He thought people were stupid and evil, hence the need for government programs. I tend to agree with Mac that most people are stupid and evil, but in my book, that’s a reason not to have any government programs.

In any case, he saw a local scumbag threatening a young lady dressed in lingerie at the Foxy Lady Latte shop. Despite nearing 50 years old and suffering some health complications, he confronted the ruffian, chasing him off. The young lady gave him a stamp on his card, equivalent to about a 5th of a cup of coffee for his efforts.

This reminded Mac that people are generally good. In his mind, most people would have stepped in and White Knighted for the young lady. What do you think?


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