Is It Racist To Mistake Someone For An Employee?

Is It Racist To Mistake Someone For An Employee
Is It Racist To Mistake Someone For An Employee

Barack and Michelle Obama recently conducted an interview with Black Entertainment Television, discussing how they had been victims of racism. Among the examples provided, Michelle said she was asked to help get something off a shelf at Target, and Barack said he was asked to get someone coffee.

Unquestioningly, this must be racism. Right? Mistaking a black person for a servant. How dare these ignorant white devils rush to such conclusions? Good thing our friends in the liberal media are here to point out these atrocities…

I too have been the victim of racism, so has Mark Edge. I am frequently asked where things are in Walmart. It happens so frequently, that I don’t even bother to tell people I don’t work there, I just help them find what they’re looking for. Mark has also experienced this, but at Home Depot. 

It’s time for America to stop assuming that tall black women can help them get things off shelves. It is time for America to stop assuming that black men are waiters. It is time for America to stop assuming that white men are retail employees.

Either that, or everybody needs to get a grip and stop freaking out about race…

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