A Clear Case of Organized Disruption

Dear Andrew Anglin,

I saw your forum post at TRS, but I, like so many others, seem to have been banned from the forum so I cannot reply, and here we find ourselves.

(Correction. I tried to log in with saved credentials which do not work. I am being told my profile is still active. The rest of what follows still stands)

I’m not being gaslit by sock puppets, I’m calling out bullshit where I see it. You’re strawmanning and I’m intelligent enough to see through the smoke.

The entirety of the time I’ve been around this movement, well intentioned people have warned me about movement leaders. Weev in particular. I always downplayed their concerns because good work was being done.

Right now, that is not the case. So I am paying closer attention to the concerns being raised.

I risked my life and freedom in Charlottesville for our race and nation. After the events of that weekend, I never cucked. I doubled down, inspired in no small part by the support of the Daily Stormer and TRS. You called it our “Beer Hall Putsch,” a reference I didn’t understand until I read Hitler’s Revolution by Richard Tedor, and Mein Kampf while in the custody of the Charlottesville authorities.

This was an accurate reference, in my mind.

For those of you who still don’t get the reference, the beer hall putsch was a failed coup attempt by the NSDAP in 1923. Two thousand National Socialists marched to the centre of Munich, where they confronted the police. After two days of fighting, four cops and sixteen Nazis were dead. Hitler locked arms with one of the men who died, and was pulled to the ground when that man fell dead from a gunshot wound.

Hitler was arrested two days later, and charged with treason. He was convicted at trial and sentenced to five years in prison. He served just over eight months before being released, during which he dictated Mein Kampf. These events brought Hitler to national attention, and were vital to his ascendancy to the Chancellorship.

One of the takeaways Hitler learned from the putsch was that taking power by force was not on his list of options. I too learned this lesson the hard way, though thankfully nobody of any worth had to die. Those who have read my old writings know that I’ve had misguided ideas on this subject in the past. My fresh understanding of history and philosophy teaches me that revolution is a leftist tactic aimed at disrupting order, and that we on the right are far more interested in imposing it.

This does not mean blood will not be shed. This does not mean people will not go to jail. Our enemies are in control of the State here and abroad. They control the media and financial institutions. Suffering, combat, incarceration, and privation will be integral to our struggle until we prevail. After we prevail, we will no doubt have to send men off to war at some point during our rule, and those men will have to suffer and die too. This is the human condition, and any attempt to avoid these realities is sure to leave the State in leftist hands.

As I have already stated, this does not mean we need to carelessly rush head on into danger. I am not in the habit of planning suicide missions. What it means is, simply stating that there is danger ahead does not win the goddamn argument for inaction.

But hey, this is just a tactical disagreement in any case. No need to fight. The whole point of Charlottesville was to Unite the Right, and for us to find ourselves divided afterwards would kind of be handing this thing over to the kikes.

So, speaking of clear cases of organized disruption.

The image above is a screencap brought to my attention by a concerned benefactor. It is a direct admission that Weev engineered this division with the help of Ricky Vaughn. Whatever the reasoning behind it, this is the source of the disruption, and nothing else that has been claimed about pipe bomb satanist cults.

Ricky Vaughn is not suggesting that we take a moment to lick our wounds. He is calling Charlottesville a complete failure, which would necessarily imply that I went to jail, and am still facing 40 years in prison FOR NOTHING. That sort of disrespect should have had him in fear for his fucking safety, not engineering movement divisions with reputable movement figures. He calls white nationalists “wignats” in mocking dismissal, claims “we are a movement of mongrels and degenerates,” and seeks a “flexible” ideology of “American Nationalism” to REPLACE what the Alt Right WAS.

While Hitler learned from the putsch that taking power by force was not the path, they never shat on the names of the 16 men who gave their lives for the cause. The Blutfahne (Blood Flag), stained with the blood of their martyrs, became one of the most revered objects of the NSDAP. It was used in ceremonies in which new flags for party organizations were consecrated by the Blood Flag when touched by it.

What convinced me that the other side was in the right was not sock puppets gaslighting me in my Gab mentions, as you and others have dishonestly suggested. It was the blasphemy of Ricky Vaughn, and the obvious dishonesty of your actions and those of your co-conspirators.

I’m not exactly a difficult guy to get a hold of. Why did I only find out that I was silently and unceremoniously discontinued from the DS radio section, by these supposed subversives? Why wouldn’t my former cohost just mention this to me in our open telegram discussion?

I suspect this was no accident, as the purge was underway in the DS and TRS forums, and it would not have been advantageous to the Jew like effort at narrative guidance, for me to be speaking up before that purge was complete.

Other than a Jew, what kind of fucking maniac would try to associate the Austin bombings with right wing groups? Why would anybody be going off about explosives on every electronic medium available for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to listen to?

I am a very intelligent man. If events do not make sense to me, something is wrong. Usually it means somebody is lying.

So here is a little gift for you. I will now pose a theory that brings these events into focus. I predict that you and your co-conspirators will use this to dismiss the above stated facts, and call me some kind of conspiracy theorist. That’s fine with me. Let the weak minded fools who care not for evidence follow you into obscurity.

It has long been suspected that Weev is a Jew. We all downplay this in public, but these concerns are not limited to Newsweek scum. I won’t disclose our private conversations, but you are well aware of this fact.

Jews benefit from some degree of antisemitism. It promotes Jewish identity, group cohesion, and fundraising to have an enemy. At a mere 2% of the US population and 0.2% of the world population, Jews being seen as whites and interbreeding with the Gentile population would as surely genocide them as race mixing is on track to genocide us. Antisemitism is literally a survival mechanism for Jews. This is why they so frequently false flag.

But, it needs to be manageable. Wouldn’t want all that Jew hating to find its way onto the street where it could actually do damage. They want just enough fear in the tribe to keep them together.

Would it really come as any surprise to us, that the most popular anti Jewish websites on Earth were being maintained by Jews? I mean, say what you will about the virtues of the sites in question, it certainly wouldn’t be beneath the dignity of a Jew to do such a thing. Right?

If a Jew wanted to prevent us from becoming a threat to their hegemony, who would he target his enmity toward the most? They keyboard warriors? The radio personalities? I suspect not.

I think he would be most upset with people who try to bring this thing out of the shadows, especially anyone who dared to use force in defense of such efforts.

This would coincide perfectly with the effort presently underway. Destroy the TWP, so there is nobody to confront Antifa when they attack us. Discredit Spencer to diminish support for his speaking tour. Hold me up as a martyr while I’m in jail, but throw me under the bus after Jason Kessler wins his case and it becomes obvious I’m going to beat this thing too.

I am convinced by the above stated reasoning, that this is an effort to destroy our movement.

That is why I have spoken out. Not because anonymous devil worshippers got me to REED SEEJ!

UPDATE: Further Evidence of Subversion


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