Initiate Chargebacks If MakerSupport Ran Your Credit Cards

Many of you have generously supported my efforts through a variety of different funding mechanisms, all of which get attacked by Jewish scum and their hordes of mongrels and degenerates. Right now I can still accept credit card donations through Zyniker Law (Monthly, One Time).

One such defunct platform was MakerSupport, which billed itself as a Free Speech crowdfunding platform, until the Jews at Stripe didn’t like the speech being crowdfunded. The platform briefly put my profile into “undercover mode” hiding it from search, and disabled my payouts via bank account, but was still paying me via Bitcoin.

Finally they disabled new donations to my profile and said they could no longer run payments for me.

This has not stopped them from running your credit cards each month. I have been emailing Conner Douglass and the general support address since the beginning of this month. I currently have an outstanding balance of hundreds of dollars and he is refusing to answer me.

If you made a monthly recurring donation through MakerSupport, I am not receiving those funds. You are being charged at no benefit to me, and the proprietor of the website further continues to not only rip us off, but disrespect us by ignoring my support requests.

Even if you have nothing to do with me, even if you think I’m the scum of the Earth, this should make you very wary of doing business with these people. Their practices are blatantly dishonest and irresponsible. They shouldn’t be handling anyone’s finances.

Current donation information, including multiple different cryptocurrency addresses and QR codes, can always be found at

Right now I can still accept credit card donations through Zyniker Law (Monthly, One Time).

You may send checks to help fund my legal defense and lawsuit against my accusers to my Virginia attorney, Elmer Woodard.

Elmer Woodard
5661 US Highway 29
Blairs, VA 24527

Make the check payable to Elmer Woodard, but be sure to include a note specifying that the payment is for Christopher Cantwell’s legal defense.



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