Get Used To Dead Reporters

Jack Shafer at Politico yesterday published a piece entitled “The Newsroom Is No Longer a Safe Place” which, along with Jim Acosta’s antics, Michael Hayden’s pleading, and other obnoxious, tone deaf reactions from the filth who poison our information pool, pretty much makes certain that violence against the media is going to become a regular feature of our existence.

This is not advocacy, mind you. I’m just pointing out the obvious for people who are too stuck in their echo chambers to see the danger. I sincerely hope these people can get their heads out of their asses and stop this before it gets any worse. I just don’t have any expectation that they will.

Shafer tells a tale of how being a reporter used to be very dangerous, back when newspapers were partisan. According to Shafer, those times have long since passed. There is no longer any partisan media bias, with the notable exception of Breitbart.

Violence subsided in the 20th century as papers abandoned their partisan roots and embraced “professionalism,” Nerone writes. Malcontents would still occasionally target the ethnic, minority, and labor presses for their advocacy, but deadly violence against American journalists became largely unthinkable as the press recast itself from partisan puncher to adversarial institution in pursuit of truth. As Nerone puts it, the cultural makeover allowed the press to honestly portray itself as the watchdog of government and corporations and the advocate of the powerless. American journalists became untouchables, a standing violated only once when Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles was killed in a still-unsolved 1976 car bombing.

Has the Annapolis slaying punctured journalists’ status as inviolable? The signs are easy to read. Partisan outlets like Breitbart now abound, and people fight in the streets over their fringe politics.

Get Used To Dead Reporters
Get Used To Dead Reporters

Shafer then goes on to imply that it is Donald Trump’s fault that people are pissed off at the media, and tie that to the shooting at the Capital Gazette. Without a shred of evidence, mind you. All available evidence suggests that the Capital Gazette shooter had an entirely personal motive completely separate from anything political.

The next time somebody shoots up a newsroom, I sort of doubt that will be the case. People like Shafer, Acosta, and Hayden, are representative of the broader Leftist media. They honestly believe they are reporting fairly, when in fact they are publishing war propaganda against their political enemies. They see things this way, because as far as they are concerned, there is no legitimate debate about the beliefs that they hold.

Every animal that walks on two legs is a perfect genetic equal. There are no differences between races. Taking down those monuments is the right thing to do. Abortion is the coolest thing since sliced bread. The second amendment doesn’t grant you a right to carry a gun, and we should repeal it anyway, just to avoid any further confusion. Free speech is racist, and racists have no rights. Jews do not hold disproportionate influence over media, finance, or politics. Blacks do not commit more crimes than whites. American foreign policy has nothing to do with Israel. Whites becoming a minority in America is a positive thing that should be accelerated at all costs. People can change their gender at will. James Fields plowed his car into a group of peaceful protesters who totally weren’t armed or carrying communist flags, and who the hell is Dwayne Dixon? DeAndre Harris and Corey Long were just standing up to white supremacy, and anyone who tried to stop them from setting people on fire or bashing skulls open is a felon. Video proof that Chris Cantwell was framed is not newsworthy.

Anyone who disagrees with us is less than human, and the people who initiate violence against such infidels are morally justified in doing so. There is no such thing as self defense against Leftist violence.

Michael Moore says Leftists need to put their “bodies on the line” to stop the President we elected. Hillary Clinton recently called for “strength” to resist the Trump administration, and said that any suggestion that Leftists should tone it down is a “ridiculous concept of bothsideism“.

They are literally saying that there is no other side, and anyone who says otherwise should be subject to violence. They aren’t just saying it either, they’re doing it. James Hodgkinson, Micah Johnson, Eric Clanton, Dwayne Dixon, DeAndre Harris, Corey Long, Donald Blackney, this list could get kind of long.

Black Lives Matter burns cities to the ground, and these people report the “protests were mostly peaceful”. The defining characteristic of Antifa is politically motivated acts of criminal initiatory violence, it literally says so in the fucking handbook, they have attacked people in cities from coast to coast on video, but since they’re attacking Trump supporters and other “fascists” nobody seems to care.

Other than the people getting attacked, that is.

For a moment, it seemed there might be some hope for peaceful political discourse. The media cartel was challenged by the Internet and social media. Dissidents could peacefully express their dissent, and pursue peaceful methods of political and social change.

Then Leftists decided it didn’t matter who won the election, either they get to run the government or it’s anarchy time. The term “hate speech” expanded beyond the capacity for definition, and not only did people get kicked off popular social media platforms for having unpopular opinions, they got their domain names seized, shut out of DDOS protection services, cut off from PayPal and Stripe, and booted from all major crowdfunding platforms, even ones that collect donations for convicted murderers.

I need to stress this before I close up. I’m not calling for violence. I’m a very capable person. When these things were done to me, I found ways of dealing with it. When I was assaulted twice in two days, framed for a crime, and held in jail for 107 days without bond or probable cause, I hired a lawyer, fought the charges, and sued my accusers. When I got cut off from the financial system, I used cryptocurrency. When I got kicked off GoDaddy, I found a new registrar. But I have a genius IQ and a great deal of talent.

The media is condoning all of this and worse being done to less capable men than I. No matter what my opinions of it, those people are eventually going to decide that they have no good options left, and they aren’t just going to roll over and take it. Whenever you create large numbers of angry men with no good options, violence is right around the corner. When those men pick up a newspaper or turn on the television and see these scumbags lying to and about them day after day, they’re eventually going to figure out who is responsible for their misery.

Just like the media has no sympathy for “racists” and “fascists” who get assaulted by their criminal allies, those of us not stuck in the Leftist echo chamber are going to have a hard time shedding tears about our tormenters getting a taste of what they’ve been dishing out. To make matters worse, it seems even bodies on the floor cannot make these people take a moment for self reflection. They think the answer is more gun control, more censorship, and more self absorbed finger wagging at the public, which is exactly what is driving the resentment to begin with. So the violence will come, it will not solve the problem, and it will escalate until something else does.

Once you understand that, Nazi Germany begins to make a lot of sense. The German people weren’t insane, or evil. They wanted exactly this type of problem solved and Hitler was the man to solve it. The average person knew the newspapers were acting against their interests, and poisoning the information pool. They knew the newspapers were run by Jews. Eventually, concentration camps become a small price to pay to stop the destruction of one’s country, and it is impossible to feel sympathy for the people who have spent their entire lives ignoring the most dire of warnings.

The good news is, this time it is happening in America. This time there is no Soviet Union. This time nobody is going to stop it from happening, and the process will be complete.

As George Lincoln Rockwell put it “This Time the World!



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