Excommunicated For Being Pro-White | James Edwards and Matthew Drake

While Chris is busy picking up the pieces of his life before captivity and you eagerly await Stage Four of The Radical Agenda, it’s up to other content creators on this platform to fill in the gaps. White nationalist podcasts are a staple more essential than food and I care too much about this audience to let you starve.

Below is an interview I had with James Edwards, a pro-white, pro-Christian, pro-Southern radio talk show host of fourteen years. I asked James to come on and talk about the recent attempt by the Southern Baptist Convention — at the behest of the (((SPLC))) — to throw him and his entire local church out of the SBC simply because he dares to speak up for white people. Whether or not you’re religious or Christian, this is a good demonstration of the length our enemies will go to destroy us. Literally nothing is sacred to the children of Satan and the fake Christian-Zionists who are always at their beck and call.

Definitely also check out some of the links below related to the controversy and about James.

James speaking with his pastor about their trials with the SBC in June 2018 on The Political Cesspool

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James’s Red Pill Journey

A Biblical Defense of Ethno-Nationalism


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