Nationalist Scorecard Episode 3 – Tommy Robinson

In this third episode of Nationalist Scorecard we’re taking on Tommy Robinson, whose real name is supposedly Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon. Tommy is an open zionist so we obviously want to be critical, however it’s also important to understand why Tommy is such a polarizing figure in the UK–beloved by the common folk and hated by the corrupt ruling class. Throwing him in jail where he will likely be murdered by some Muslim with an ax to grind is a mistake that the elite will surely come to regret. It’s telling that they felt so threatened by his message that they had no choice but to shut him up for good.

“Oi, mate — you got a loicense for that journalism?”


5:50 – Opposes Open Borders
19:15 – Opposes Cultural Marxism
38:24 – Supports Free Speech
49:26 – Condemned By Elite
58:20 – Pro-White / Pro-Western
1:02:28 – Names You-Know-Who
1:07:00 – Overall Grade


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