I Think I’ve Been Banned from Gab

It was brought to my attention today that some users had trouble reaching my Gab profile. Initially, my posts were unavailable, but my page still loaded. Now, when one tries to load it, they get a blank page.

My saved credentials do not allow me to log in, and when I attempt to do a password reset, Gab says my email address does not have an account associated with it. I have emailed Andrew Torba asking about this, and I await his response. Since I started writing this blog post, Gab has tweeted about a controversial user being suspended, I suspect this is me.

Gab has long held that any speech which is legal under the 1st amendment is allowed on the platform. I’ve made a point to test that theory over the time I’ve been there. My posts have incurred a great deal of media scrutiny, and the site has always stood by my right to speak.

In the wake of the New Zealand mass shooting, in combination with some other ongoing factors in my life, I’ve worn my anger on my sleeve for all to see. I’ve made it a point to say that I don’t think shooting up houses of worship is a sound strategic move for White Nationalists, while simultaneously trying to draw attention to the legitimacy of the concerns raised by these folks who saw no peaceful solution to their problems.

During the course of that, I made some posts which I hoped danced right up against the line of what is allowed on Gab. More specifically, that I saw the people in these houses of worship as being fundamentally innocent on an individual level, that they were not legitimate military targets, and that since so many guilty people walked around without any fear of consequences for their terrible and often criminal behavior, that they would make more worthy targets for people who saw no peaceful solution to their problems.

These posts were made without much thought, and in a rare act of self reflection, I went back last night and deleted them from my profile. These posts were careless, and regrettable, and, do a poor job of communicating the point that I wished to make. I apologize to those impacted by these statements, including the Gab team, and the service providers Gab relies on. This was an error in judgement, made out of anger, which I sought to correct on my own prior to any repercussions being imposed or threatened. I appreciate that Gab is under tremendous scrutiny and pressure, and that they have had the unenviable task of hosting material they find objectionable due to their genuine desire to protect free speech. I do not wish to do anything that might threaten the longevity of this very important platform, nor do I wish to actually endorse any sort of criminal activity.

If this is the cause of the problem, I hope that I might regain access to Gab in the future. I recognized my mistake before being banned, and I tried to correct it. If I am allowed to use the platform again, I will attempt to be more careful going forward.

If I am not able to regain access, I wish to express that I still support Gab’s mission. They have been true and faithful defenders of free speech. I attempted to flirt with the line, and I can appreciate how one might conclude I crossed it by mistake over the weekend, though I stress again, that my intention was to remain within the realm of lawful expression of opinion.


Christopher Cantwell comedian, writer, voice artist, and Patriot.

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