Learning My Lesson

Those of you who have kept up with me for awhile know that the last five years have been an absolute hell for me, with some noteworthy glimmers of hope scattered throughout. For those of you who are more newly acquainted, I’ll try to put it in perspective by saying that Charlottesville and its aftermath, were really the least of my problems.

During the course of all this, I’ve tried to produce content on a regular schedule, and keep the audience apprised of what was happening with me. This has resulted in some really great media, some really embarrassing moments, and a lot of needless suffering.

Things have genuinely been improving, and so I set out this month to do a bit of a kick off tour for the Outlaw Conservative. I’ve done a lot of driving, met some great people, and taken in some fantastic sights. I was really enjoying the tour, and I very much looked forward to heading West to meet more of you.

Unfortunately, this will have to be rescheduled.

I’ve been neglecting to deal with some serious personal problems for a very long time. I kept on telling myself that if I could just get beyond this or that obstacle, I would finally be able to decompress and lick my wounds and recover. Perhaps with some much needed assistance. The obstacles never abated, the assistance was not forthcoming, and the time to heal never came. In recent weeks I have been making serious mistakes, faster than usual, which have increased in severity with each step. As a result, it has become obvious to me that I can no longer put off dealing with my internal problems.

I need to stop, avoid recording devices, and pull myself together.

I’ll be back as soon as I can be.


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