Radical Agenda S05E031 – Cowards

Somebody did something, and I guess we’re just going to have to get used to synagogue shootings. I suppose these things are just part and parcel of living in a mongrelized Jewish hellscape. Sorry Passover worshippers, your decision, not ours.

To be sure, so far as race based retribution goes, synagogues are a target rich environment.

Blacks and Muslims are too fucking stupid to understand the problems they’re creating 90% of the time, so gunning down unwitting members of such tribes is barely worth the cost of the ammunition. It’s not like they are capable of learning the intended lesson, they kill each other all the time in far greater numbers than you or I could ever hope to, and they breed so recklessly that whatever dent one makes in their numbers is barely noticeable. Far better to strike the Jewish root, than to breathlessly hack away at the branches.

I have my doubts on the merits of synagogue shootings too, which I’ve already spoken on at length and will elaborate on further below, but at least Jews don’t have the option of claiming ineptitude when confronted about the crimes of their coethnics. They are a problem, and they know it. That’s why “anti-Semitism” is granted a uniquely wicked social stigma in the societies foolish enough to let Jews dominate thier media. They brag about the problems they create in their own publications such as Forward.com and Haaretz, so much so that if one took the text from such publications and put them on a Nazi branded website, nobody would question it as authentic Nazi propaganda. They listen intently to the complaints of those they have offended under the guise of “tracking the far right” (SPLC, ADL, et al) and thus have had every opportunity to see the error of their ways and correct course, but they make the choice to stifle their critics through violence and deception, rather than reform. They are a uniquely despicable race, and most certainly culpable for their sins. There’s really no reason to feel bad for them anymore, not even the “innocent” ones…

So to the extent that synagogue shootings are inevitable, let us hope they are equally effective.

Though again, I remain skeptical.

Firstly, the people doing these things do not come off as great chess players to me. Dylann Roof told investigators “somebody has to do something” and his “something” was to shoot a bunch of black people at church. He thought Jews just needed an attitude adjustment, and he literally had no idea what would happen afterwards. Robert Bowers didn’t even bother to leave an explanation behind so far as I could tell, other than to express his dissatisfaction with HIAS resettling refugees. Brenton Tarrant barely even mentioned Jews as he threw his life away in retaliation for their crimes. John Earnest says he planned his attack for a grand total of four weeks. I suppose this explains, among other things, his weapon malfunctioning within arm’s reach of a target, and his subsequent pathetic score.

Yet, according to Earnest, those who do not appreciate his poorly planned sub nigger high time preference behavior, are cowards. Speaking as one who has faced, and continues on a daily basis to face, extraordinary hardships and danger, I am personally insulted by this. So while I take no pleasure in denigrating the sacrifices of a would be martyr, this stupidity needs to be called out for what it is.

Those who know me are well aware that I am no coward. I have met the enemy in combat. I have spent months in his cages. I have faced his kangaroo courts. Through all of it, I have never run. I have never denied my beliefs. I have not retired from the conflict, nor accepted any of the numerous offers the enemy has made me to “sell out” and profit from my experience by aiding their propagandists. Even as those who purport to share my values betray me and expose themselves as liars and crooks, I remain steadfast in my resolve.

Thousands of people listen to what I say. I am certain that if I called for them to engage in such acts, some number of them would. If I myself were to take such a course, my words would last an eternity and inspire countless others to follow it as well. There are surely days when this seems preferable to the daily struggle of paying bills, planning for the future, and trying to maximize my value to our shared cause, while our foes place me prominently in deceptive news stories and presidential campaign advertisements.

I sure do wish our problems were so easily solved, as by sending some short sighted unhinged fools to throw their lives away on soft targets with no strategic or military value. Sadly, it just ain’t so.

It would be spectacular if, as Earnest and Tarrant theorized, gun confiscation would inevitably lead to White uprisings and victory. Were that the case, England, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and many areas of the United States, would never have gotten to the level they are today. Unfortunately, England is now instituting knife and acid control, because banning guns and disarming their own police departments somehow failed to stop the marauding invaders from raping women and murdering people. Were this sound strategy, New Zealand would be in revolt at the time of this writing. Sadly, their Prime Minister wears a hijab and disarms her countrymen, as they sheepishly comply instead.

These men are simply incorrect in their assertions. Everyday experience puts this on full display for anybody with a three digit IQ to see. You would have to be blind, deaf, illiterate, and stupid to believe this would work as they suggest.

Even if we ignore the glaring abundance of factual evidence in contradiction to their theory, I would love to hear how they figure our cause will be taken up by White gun owners who see us as the reason for their disarmament. I can tell you right now, as a guy who is well versed in the mental gymnastics conservatives and libertarians engage in to avoid addressing race, that blaming Nazis for gun confiscations will be no tall order. Before I became racially aware, I left New York because of its repressive gun control. Even as these measures were loudly praised by names like Schumer and Bloomberg, I literally said “This is what Hitler did to the Jews” when I fled North. So if one did manage to trigger a civil war in the United States over gun confiscation, it would be rapidly hijacked by the same Jews who created all the other problems, because the boomers are going to believe wholeheartedly that those Jews have been through this before, and are just trying to help.

Would starting and then hijacking a revolution be out of character for the Jew? Of course not.

If the Jews had anything to fear by gun confiscations, they wouldn’t be leading the charge on gun confiscations in the political realm.

Again, I take no pleasure in denigrating the sacrifice of a would be martyr. I feel compelled in this instance, since they have through their acts obtained an unearned platform to spew falsehoods, while sound minds of noble intent have been silenced by the Jews who now amplify their lunacy. This is telling in itself, of course. The Jews have long manufactured nonsense hate crimes to justify their criminal behavior. Everything a White man does is a hate crime, and everything done to him is merely the result of some injustice done by him or his ancestors.When they run short on White criminals, they make Cesar Sayoc, and Nikolas Cruz into White supremacists for the purposes of their idiotic lists.

If Jews were afraid of such incidences catching on, they wouldn’t be doing their best to fake them every single day.

John Earnest is 19 years old. He was convinced by whatever combination of circumstances that he could do more by killing one female senior citizen, and injuring a Rabbi, than he could by putting in years of difficult work. Or perhaps, he was just a lazy asshole teenager who couldn’t comprehend the idea of putting in that effort. In either case, tonight he sits in jail, and will never have the opportunity to learn the lessons that hard work and struggle bring, because he will likely never see freedom again.

Though like Tarrant, he expects to be freed, and honored for his crime upon our inevitable victory. So let us pick that apart.

If we were to gain the upper hand in this eternal conflict, any government of ours that would wish to retain its legitimacy on the world stage would not be well served to set spree shooters loose on the streets, simply because they reciprocated the racial animosity of the Jew who created this crisis. There are prisoners whom we must free. Amongst them are James Fields, Daniel Borden, Jacob Goodwin, Richard Preston, Alex Ramos, Cole White, Benjamin Daley, Michael Miselis, and Thomas Gillen. These men attended a permitted demonstration, they were attacked, and they defended themselves against those unjustifiable assaults. There is ample evidence to prove not only their innocence, but their heroism. Yet they were persecuted soully on the basis of their devotion to the truth, and today remain the captives of our enemies.

To walk into a house of worship and open fire on unsuspecting people simply for their membership in an ethnoreligious group, even if one considered such a thing justifiable, is not “self defense” in any recognizable sense. To say so undermines the legal defenses of men who truly are acting on an immediate and real threat to their safety, and does a remarkable disservice to all of us who continue to struggle outside the walls.

In Charlottesville, Judges and juries simply acted under the presumption that White Men have no right to use violence in self defense, and if we define self defense as John Earnest does, then we have no right to be shocked when such conclusions are reached. Those of us who have a voice in such matters, even those who would tend to favor a strategy of martyrdom, are obligated to draw a very clear line between the defensive violence our men exercised in Charlottesville, and the initiatory violence of Roof, Bowers, Tarrant, and Earnest.

Even drawing from Charlottesville, I’ll give the listener an example of a credibility problem created for me by one of the men I shared a cell block with. As I write this, I am made to recall statements I made about a man whose company I genuinely enjoyed. He was a brave soldier by the name of Dennis Mothersbaugh, who punched two obnoxious Leftists in their very punchable mouths as he exited Lee Park on August 12th.

My own experience on that day was to be maced without provocation by a man who I didn’t see until video emerged after my incarceration. As I walked away from the park, I dodged projectiles, fists, and clubs, in fear for my life. I was carrying a pistol, and was terrified because I thought I might have to use it, but there were more targets than bullets in the gun. It was thus easy for me to believe that all the men in my company were likewise put in fear for their safety. So as I spoke from the jail on the phone, and the recordings were released as the podcast “Live from Seg!” I repeatedly asserted that everyone, including Mothersbaugh, was acting in self defense.

Upon my release from the jail, I began to review video of my comrades and their alleged crimes.

Most of what I said was confirmed. Preston, Borden, Ramos, and Goodwin were most certainly responding to serious threats to their safety and the safety of others. In the case of Mothersbaugh, though I make no negative moral judgement against him, it was clear he was in no danger when he punched a fat female communist in her face. She was wearing a mask and screaming in his direction, so he turned toward her, stepped forward, and gave her a much needed reminder of her worthlessness. The video may well have been the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, as her cellulite wings flapped desperately in an attempt to maintain her balance, and she stumbled backwards threatening to cause an earthquake.

I’m glad Dennis punched her. I wish he hadn’t been caught. I hope she gets punched again, and the next time she gets punched, I hope she learns her lesson and stops trying to destroy my country. But this was not self defense, and I regret calling it such.

We must be more careful with our words than the Jews we oppose, a lesson I am still trying to learn myself. For years I spouted off recklessly about myriad subjects, thoroughly convinced it meant little outside my social circles. Only by being dragged through the mud by media smear merchants, and dragged through the Jewdicial system on fraudulent criminal and civil claims, did I come to comprehend the gravity of what I had gotten myself involved in. Self defense laws have been so frighteningly diminished as it is, and those who find themselves in the unenviable position of having to use force in defense of their lives, will surely come to regret negligence in this realm come their trial dates.

You’ll hear me say on here from time to time, that I am not one who thinks that violence is never the answer, but that violence is what invariably happens when better answers are not forthcoming. Accelerationism is gaining traction in Right wing circles for this reason. Everybody knows what is wrong, but no consensus exists on what to do about it. As time ticks forward, our options diminish in number, and our challenges grow more severe. The Left is completely out of control, the State shows no interest in stopping them, the media has abandoned any concern for their credibility, and the dashboard of Western Civilization is lit up with warning lights as the chassis shake and smoke bellows out from under the hood. There is a growing consensus that things are on the brink of cataclysm, and that realization is leading some to decide that their best bet is to make it happen faster.

Okay. Then what?

People have this crazy idea in their heads that once “it” happens, whatever “it” may be, some correcting force will necessarily come to right the ship. I hate to break it to you, but that simply isn’t true, and I challenge anyone to present a single historical example of that being the case. Did ten million dead in the Holodomor bring an end to the Soviet Union? Did the 45 million death toll of Mao’s Great Leap Forward diminish the power of the Chinese Communist Party?

Chaos and disorder favor Leftists, which is why they are working full time to bring it about. Their criminal element riots in the streets, while their political arms do everything in their power to diminish the institutions that are supposed to stop them. When they say “Diversity is our strength” they are not just parroting a lie. For them it is actually true, that ethnic diversity is their strength, in that it diminishes the cohesion of the civilization and thus strengthens them in the ensuing chaos.

Imagine the outcome of the civilizational breakdown so many seem to be aching for, if it happened today. Imagine the Fox News Alert, when the race riots can no longer be paved over as “mostly peaceful protests” and the police figure out that it isn’t worth the risk to try and stop the mobs. When the roving bands of mixed race savages begin occupying government buildings and taking over the enforcement apparatus, what would you do, today, if it happened in your city?

Well, I obviously can’t speak to the plans of each individual listener. Perhaps some of you are sufficiently physically fit, and well armed, and perhaps you have a number of similarly capable men whom you trust. Perhaps you have established secure communications with one another, and perhaps you have ways of financing a drawn out and brutal conflict without the benefit of the established financial system.

But something tells me that this is exceedingly unlikely for most of you. I am certain that this is not the case for the most vocal accelerationists. What organized force exists in the United States to take on these mobs? Well, if one exists, they have done a very good job of keeping their existence a secret. They would have to do this of course, because if their presence became known, they would be crushed by the State without hesitation.

You and I can’t hold a permitted demonstration without being attacked by criminals and imprisoned for defending ourselves. Yet there are people dumb enough to think that we will prevail in a bloody race war in which most of our race would fight for the enemy?

Anybody who tells you this is a prudent strategy is either a fool, or an enemy trying to lure you into a trap. You cannot save your race by losing a race war, and you are not fit for the conflict so many seem so anxious to bring about.

For these, and many more reasons than I care to list, I disavow and condemn the acts of John Earnest, Brenton Tarrant. Robert Bowers, Dylann Roof, and anyone else stupid or malicious enough to follow in their footsteps (of which I am certain there will be no shortage). I say this not to preserve my own position, income, or skin, but because I have eyes, ears, and a three digit IQ.

If you want to engage in violence, I’ll judge your acts on the merits, as I have no sympathy for the enemy, and I am no fucking hippy. If you lay down your life and Western civilization is saved by your act, then yes, I’ll hail you as a martyr and sing your praises to all who will listen.

But if you just decide it is easier to die or go to prison than to continue this struggle with the rest of us, then you sir, are the coward. Not I.

Some of us have higher ambitions than to dominate headlines for a week, and make life miserable for our countrymen. Some of us have been fighting since before you had hair on your balls, and don’t appreciate naive children recklessly endangering the progress we have made during that time. I have dedicated the last decade of my life to getting the boot off our collective necks, and in the few short years since I discovered who’s boot it was, I have seen that awareness spread like nobody could possibly have imagined when I began this fight. As I spent months in the enemies cages, I accepted the possibility that I might well be in my 90s or dead before I was eligible for release, but even from those cages I put in the absolute maximum effort to help us move forward.

Then some asshole teenager decides in his infinite wisdom, that his greatest contribution is to spend four weeks planning to gun down a senior citizen, and call me a coward?

Fuck you, punk!

Shortly after my release from jail in December of 2017, I saw what the pressure of this struggle did to our movement. We had weak leaders, and the pressures broke their resolve. What you are seeing today with this sort of uncontrolled senseless violence is the direct result of that lack of leadership, and the Jew couldn’t be happier. This is exactly what he meant to do. Leave talented young white men so hopeless that they could think of nothing more valuable for themselves than to die in prison.

I’m not going to celebrate that. I’m not even going to excuse it. And if you think that’s because I’m afraid to advocate violence, I’ll leave you with this.

If you find yourself within arms reach of somebody who praises this nonsense, knock their stupid fucking teeth out.


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