What if Jack Corbin Had Worked With Law Enforcement?

Federal Prosecutors announced an indictment today against one Daniel McMahon of Brandon, Florida. They claim he is the man behind a notorious social media personality known as Jack Corbin, and that Jack Corbin made unlawful threats against one Don Gathers, of Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Huffington Post reports that Gathers is the co-founder of the Charlottesville, Virginia, chapter of Black Lives Matter, a terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of no less than five police officers. He also chaired Charlottesville’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Memorials and Public Spaces, which had recommended renaming parks that included statues of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Robert E. Lee, in an effort to destroy the history and culture of the United States. CVillepedia.com reports Gathers is also a former member of the Charlottesville Police Civilian Review Board, the harassment, threats, and obstructionist tactics of which caused a “mass exodus” of officers from that city’s police department, whom no sane person cares to replace at any price.

A federal grand jury in the Western District of Virginia returned a sealed indictment on September 11, 2019 charging McMahon with four counts: willful interference with a candidate for elective office, bias-motivated interference with a candidate for elective office, threats to injure in interstate commerce, and cyberstalking. The indictment was unsealed today following McMahon’s arrest.

Gathers had planned to formally announce his candidacy for Charlottesville city council on Jan. 8, 2019. On Jan. 7, Gathers instead announced he would not seek office, citing health problems.

The indictment alleges that Gathers was lying to his would be constituents, and that he actually declined to run because a single social media account said nasty things about him online.

While we have no doubt Gathers would gladly lie to the public, the latter portion of this seems terribly unlikely to be true, since Don Gathers is in no way frightened by the prospect of violence. He was out with the other communists in Charlottesville on August 12th 2017, wielding a club and attacking participants in that day’s permitted demonstration.  (This video was ripped from YouTube, I uploaded it to my server in case it gets censored, which is likely, given the foolish belief of Jews that they can hide the truth.)



When Gathers had announced he would be announcing (not a typo) his candidacy, Jack made sure everybody who would listen was made aware of this negro terrorist’s felonious behaviour that day. Everyone except law enforcement, that is. It fit a pattern for the Pale Horse, who had made a name for himself by  exposing the identities of more than 650 communist rioters from that historic weekend, dozens of whom had engaged in violent crimes on video. Gathers, obviously, earned himself a prominent spot on the short list.

After seeing video of himself committing a felony, and a growing chorus of decent folks vocally expressing concern that a violent criminal might seek a seat on the city council, Gathers reconsidered his prospects for electoral politics, and wisely stepped out of the race.

Rather than prosecute Gathers for his aggravated assault and conspiracy against the civil rights of rallygoers, United States Attorney Thomas T. Cullen and Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband of the Justice Department’s Civil Right Division, decided to prosecute McMahon for allegedly threatening Gathers with something other than the felony conviction and years in prison he so richly deserved.

Evidence Corbin actually did any such thing has not been forthcoming.

The four page indictment lacks a single specific threat, merely citing the text of statutes and claiming that McMahon violated them.

In contrast, the criminal complaint against members of the Rise Above Movement, several of whom have already been set free due to the unconstitutional application of the laws used to prosecute them, was 24 pages long, contained a sworn statement by the investigating agent, and was replete with screenshots, still frames from video, and quotes from the social media presence of the accused.

Even the Huffington Post couldn’t cite a single true threat made by Corbin. Instead, they desperately tried to draw a connection between Corbin and Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers.

McMahon, using his “Jack Corbin” account, frequently communicated with white supremacist Robert Bowers on the social platform Gab. After Bowers was arrested for allegedly massacring 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue this past October, McMahon praised him.

Bowers, McMahon wrote on Gab, had “more balls” than most other white nationalists, adding: “God bless that man.”

In other posts, McMahon has said that undocumented immigrants should be treated like “the cockroaches they are.”

McMahon also directed much of his ire at anti-fascist activists, often referring to himself as “antifa hunter.” He regularly harassed journalists and activists, particularly women, and once wrote that anti-fascists should be “tortured and executed.”

The sane reader must doubt federal prosecutors spend nearly as much time obsessing over Gab posts as the vile filth at the Huffington Post. So how could they possibly have more dirt on Corbin than the lugenpresse?

Even the Captain of the Jewish Lesbian Beak Brigades, Molly Conger aka SocialistDogMom, could not cite a single true threat by Corbin, and her standards are even lower than those of the Huffington Post.

Unless you think Antifa and their media co-conspirators are somehow covering for the man who has single handedly exposed more Left wing criminals than anyone else, prosecutors must be on thin ice with this prosecution.

Corbin’s Real Crime

Were it not for Corbin, I might be in prison today. He and others harnessed the power of weaponized autism to pour over every frame of video and social media post from the criminals who violently disrupted our permitted demonstration that weekend. Once the evidence was analyzed, it was clear I had not done what I was accused of, and rather than risk exposing the fraud perpetrated upon the courts, Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Plead guilty to misdemeanors and get out of Virginia same day, or sit in jail for yet another month, and take my chances with a biased jury, and a prosecutor who had proven willing to suborn perjury.

I chose home, wisely.

If Jack’s important work had been given the attention that it deserves by the media, James Fields would be a free man too. So would Alex Ramos, Daniel Borden, Jacob Goodwin, and Richard Preston. Neither you nor I would ever have heard of the Rise Above Movement. “Charlottesville” would be synonymous with the threat of communism in the popular consciousness, rather than the White Supremacy hoax.

Instead, Jack was doxed by communists, and their intimidation of this all important witness was aided by Jared Holdt of Right Wing Watch.

Now, the Democrat Party’s frontrunner for the 2020 presidential nomination has announced his candidacy by proclaiming these violent criminals to be a “courageous group of Americans” and prominently featured none other than myself in his announcement video. Should Democrat primary voters be dimwitted enough to nominate this apparent Alzheimer’s patient, the truth about those “courageous Americans” ought to become a point of significant contention in the world’s most important popularity contest.

That being the case, I am less than shocked to find the System setting out to destroy those brave enough to expose this corruption.

Perhaps I’ll be next, despite my rigid adherence to the law, and enthusiastic cooperation with investigators.

Me & Jack

I came to speak regularly with Jack on Gab as I awaited trial in Virginia. Had the Radical Agenda not been unlawfully shut out of the financial system, I had contemplated hiring him, and we discussed this prospect at some length.

When it became clear that local authorities were unwilling to prosecute the abundant crimes committed by the Reds in Charlottesville, I decided to escalate my concerns to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sadly, their mandate was limited to “hate crimes” and Special Agent Dino Capuzzo conveniently ignored the abundance of proof I had provided that the communists had planned their assault well in advance, committed perjury in furtherance of the conspiracy, and engaged in countless violent crimes.

Because Dino Capuzzo let these criminals get away with their brazen assault, two of them went on to beat and rob two US Marines in Philadelphia, not to mention the near weekly race riots their compatriots have perpetrated from coast to coast, ever since.

Before their complicity in the plot had become known, I encouraged Jack to speak to investigators as well. He declined to do so, fearing the wrath of criminals in both the private and public sectors.

His concerns were well founded, but his refusal does not seem to have earned him any leniency from the organs of federal corruption.

Despite our once warm relations, and my gratitude for his service to me and to his country, I am by no means anxious to carry water for Jack. He called Tyler Watkins Davis a traitor for renouncing White Nationalism in an effort to save his skin, a wise move which earned him the lightest sentence of all his co-defendants. I told Jack he should be more understanding of a man with a family who faced 20 years in prison at the hands of a corrupt government, and Jack became belligerent toward me, so I expelled him from my proximity.

What If Jack Had Cooperated?

One can only speculate, but I have a hard time imagining Jack would be in this position had he at least tried to work within the system. It is a helpful thing indeed to be able to tell a court “The only thing I ever threatened anyone with was ruthless application of the law!” and indeed, Don Gathers was one of many so richly deserving of such ruthless application.

Perhaps Jack’s wealth of knowledge would have forced the hand of federal authorities, and Gathers would have been one of many Leftists who saw the true meaning of Justice. Perhaps the public would have come to know the truth of that Historic weekend, and no Democrat would dare invoke the name of that city, for fear of being associated with communist terrorism. Perhaps the communists who relentlessly threatened and harassed Jack, would find themselves indicted for witness tampering.

Or perhaps not. Perhaps we would still be in exactly the same position we are all in today. Perhaps the United States would still be on the brink of falling into the hands of violent communist agitators. Perhaps White Americans would still live in fear of speaking honestly about the obvious truth before our eyes every day.

Again, one can only speculate.

If Jack had joined me in speaking to the authorities, he might have saved the country, or he might have accomplished nothing. He might have avoided this indictment, or he might have been hit with a few more equally ridiculous charges out of spite. He might go down in history as the man who exposed the duplicity of the lugenpresse, or he might remain the slandered subject of the dishonest headlines published today.

Either way, he would have lost nothing, save for the stress of being harassed by Weev and his botnets. A hassle significantly reduced in its severity, by the recent collapse of the Daily Stormer.

Our Dire Predicament

There is no quick nor easy solution to the problems we face today.

Those who fantasize about some leaderless resistance bringing the Cathedral to its knees through random acts of racially motivated terrorism, are being led astray by a Jew in a foreign country, who instructs those foolish enough to heed his advice to die only for the sake of his vendetta against our Federal Government.

Those who imagined a single election cycle would rid us of a corruption that has been building for over a century, a corruption which has indeed plagued near every Race & Nation throughout many centuries prior, were no less misguided in their optimism, than the accelerationists are in their suicidal fantasies.

Anyone who thinks we can simply talk our way out of this, is dumber than both factions combined.

Only when the broad masses of the Nation know the truth will they possess the fortitude to make responsible political decisions, and only once they make those wise decisions, and the organs ignore their will, can revolutionary forces hope to garner the popular support necessary to sustain their campaign.

That being the case, we cannot hope for salvation by acting like criminals, stonewalling authorities, evading the scrutiny of the lugenpresse, or cowering from the terrorists who attack us in the streets. Our enemies did not obtain power in this fashion, and neither can we hope to reassert ourselves in this way.

For our people to have any hope of survival at all, we must, at a minimum, do the following;

  • Maintain reputations as law abiding, patriotic citizens
  • Treat as enemies those who invite crackdowns upon us through criminal activity, or its advocacy, drawing stark contrast between their lawlessness, and those wrongly persecuted for righteous use of defensive force.
  • Cultivate positive relationships with those in proximity to power, including law enforcement, and the Republican Party
  • Refrain from any activity likely to aid the power aspirations of the Democrat Party or broader ideological Left
  • Monitor the enemy, and aid authorities in prosecuting their ceaseless criminal behavior
  • Excise from our ranks those who lack candor, senselessly antagonize the public, or display a consistent pattern of preferring the pettiness of infighting over the strength of unification
  • Pursue only achievable goals, leaving failure and fantasy to the advocates of transgenderism
  • Establish the networks of trust, and means of secure communications necessary to act without broadcasting our plans to the enemy
  • Grant men with reputations the deference they deserve over anonymous internet trolls
  • Apply our ample talents to industry, in relentless pursuit of the material resources our struggle necessitates
  • Make ourselves more comfortable with cryptocurrency, than we are with credit cards
  • Geographically concentrate in the jurisdictions where our influence over politics can conceivably take root
  • Identify, recruit, and support sympathetic and realistic candidates for elected office
  • Pursue employment throughout all areas of influence within the bureaucratic apparatus
  • Wield every power at our disposal toward diminishing the power of our rivals

Once we do all of those things, we can begin contemplating a better defined path to our salvation. Until then, anybody who says they have an answer, is kidding themselves.

To Support Daniel McMahon

No doubt any crowdfunding we attempt to set up for Jack will be shut down in short order, but you can deposit money to his commissary account through AccessCorrections, by phone at: 1-866-394-0490

To do that, or to write him, you’ll need some portion of the following information, which may be updated from time to time on the website of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office;

Docket Number: 1814892
DOB: 8/17/1988 (Born in 88, that explains a lot) 😉
Cell/Location Status: CSOD-INTAK-PRO-01-012
SPIN: 311388038

Per the website of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office;

Inmate Mail:

You may communicate with an inmate at any time via the U.S. Mail or private delivery service. We receive deliveries Monday through Friday from the U.S. Postal Service. All incoming mail is opened and searched for contraband. All magazines, newspapers, and books must come directly from the publisher. Legal mail shall be opened in the presence of the inmate to confirm that it is legal mail. Self addressed, stamped envelopes, or stamps are not allowed in the jail. All mail should be addressed as follows or it will be returned to the post office:

Full name, identification (docket) number, housing assignment
Pinellas County Jail
14400 49th Street North
Clearwater, Florida 33762-2877

Please Note: Inmates are allowed to possess only ten 4 x 6 photographs in their housing area.  All incoming letters containing more than ten photos, oversized, or containing items other than paper products will be returned to the sender with entire contents.

NEW! Inmate Messaging:

You can now communicate with inmates through electronic messaging. Inmates who are not serving disciplinary sanctions are eligible to receive and reply to messages. All messages are screened by Sheriff’s Office personnel.

Inmates access their messages through kiosks located in their housing areas. Incoming messages have a 3,000-character limit, and outgoing messages are limited to 1,000 characters. Each message sent or received costs $.50, and messages are sold in $10 blocks. Message credits are funded through the SmartDeposit Website here: www.smartdeposit.com.


Inmate Money:

The Pinellas County Jail accepts money orders for inmates. The money order must contain the inmates full name, docket number, and housing assignment. Money orders are accepted 7 days a week at the visitation center.

You can securely send money to, or order commissary for, an inmate through MyCarepack.com. Money deposits can be made by phone at: 1-866-394-0490 (toll-free), or at a lobby kiosk for a small convenience fee. Visa, MasterCard, and cash (Kiosk only) are accepted. Kiosks are located in the main lobby of the Jail (24/7) and at the video visitation center during visitation hours only.


Inmate Phone Usage:

Inmates cannot receive phone calls, however they are allowed to make collect calls.


Stay Tuned…

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