Radical Agenda S05E073 – Siege Posting

Last Friday, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan announced his department’s “Strategic Framework for Combating Terrorism and Targeted Violence“. From the title, this would seem an appropriate venture for an arm of the Federal Government, tasked with securing the homeland. Stopping terrorism and other forms of criminal violence are amongst the primary functions of any government, and thus publishing a strategic framework for combating these things ought raise not an eyebrow.

This framework however, did raise a few eyebrows. More than a few.

It was curiously celebrated by the Left wing media, which is profoundly odd, considering their contempt for securing the Nation more generally. They opposed restricting the entry of migrants from countries known for sponsoring terrorism, even migrants from countries the United States is presently at war with. They oppose securing our borders, and enforcing our immigration laws. They support the disenfranchisement and wholesale replacement of the people of this country. They have openly praised violent communist agitators who attack permitted demonstrations, while seemingly failing to notice even more reprehensible Left wing terrorism. They supported the FBI’s attempted overthrow of our duly elected President. They seek to disarm and silence our citizenry, abolish our constitution, and institute in its place a wholly anti-American global order, which subordinates us to other Nations & Peoples.

Just as curiously, some of the most patriotic people in the country were terrified of the news. They feared they might be targeted by their own government. This fear was granted substantial weight by an abundance of evidence of this happening, provided well before the official announcement. Headline after headline has emerged of supposed “White Supremacists” being arrested on charges ranging from a malicious disregard for their claims of self defense, to drugs and weapons, to stretched interpretations of “threats” supposedly uttered on the Internet.

Of particular note were the framework’s focus on “White Supremacy” and seeming lack of concern for violent communist groups like Antifa.

While violence carried out at the hands of White men who rightly feel threatened by our Nation’s current trajectory have certainly been subjected to the most fantastic media coverage, and while those attacks may, depending on our unit of measure, have racked up higher body counts than certain other motives, they are hardly the most frequent of crimes, nor the most pressing threat to the general stability and order of the country. So rare are these problems, that everyone remembers the names of the offenders. McVeigh, Roof, Bowers, Tarrant, Crusius.

Can you name all 19 of the 9/11 hijackers?

On the other side of the ledger, Leftists have, to name just a few;

All in the name of love & tolerance, of course.

How many of the perpetrators of these crimes can you name or pick out of a lineup? Their masks and black bloc tactics understandably increase the challenge, but it is noteworthy that even those who have been killed or apprehended in the course of their violent crimes, are not held up to the media fearmongering of their Right wing counterparts.

It is also vital to here note, that it is for the sake of time alone, that we cut this list short. The crimes, threats, and disruptions of the political and ideological Left are simply too numerous to count. Perhaps, in addition to the Leftist media’s unabashed sympathy for these criminals, it is the near constant occurrence of these crimes that prevents them from making the news more frequently. Like black on black crime in Chicago, St. Louis, and Baltimore, it almost seems unnewsworthy to dedicate headlines and airtime, to that which occurs so frequently. The government, on the other hand, should certainly dedicate resources to reducing said frequency, but they don’t.

With this in mind, it becomes quite the curiosity to see language like the following peppered throughout the DHS framework in question;

  • This Strategic Framework clearly elucidates the nature of today’s domestic challenges, including providing an
    extended assessment of the dangers posed by domestic terrorists, including racially-and ethnically-motivated
    violent extremists, particularly white supremacist violent extremists.
  • White supremacist violent extremism, one type of racially- and ethnically-motivated violent extremism, is one
    of the most potent forces driving domestic terrorism.
  • For some violent extremist movements—including radical Islamist terrorists and racially- and ethnically-motivated violent extremists, particularly white supremacist violent extremists—the online space appears essential to their recent growth.

Given what we know about the prevalence and open advocacy of Left wing violence, in contrast with the scarcity of such acts on the Right, and the fact that there are no reputable advocates of White racial interests in the United States who advocate for terrorism or other forms of criminal mayhem, it is curious indeed to see “White Supremacy” so specifically singled out in a framework for countering terrorism and targeted violence.

Were “White Supremacist” terrorists among a mere list of more prominent terrorist threats, perhaps the law abiding White Nationalist could limit his fears of reprisal to the aforementioned Leftist criminals. Perhaps he could feel confident in seeking the protection he is owed from his government, by right of his citizenship, against these all too real threats to his life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Under those circumstances, we could comfortably work with the Department of Homeland Security, to weed out from our ranks those who would sabotage our efforts by engaging in the sort of criminal behavior this framework allegedly seeks to combat, and which all reasonable people agree is harmful to our goals as well.

Sadly, the peculiar specificity of the referenced framework has led some to understandably question, if the United States Government is gearing up for a crackdown on its own citizenry, for entirely ideological, political, and racial purposes.

Still others, question not. Perhaps lacking curiosity, perhaps lacking the intellectual capacity for such an inquiry, perhaps engaged in subversive efforts, or perhaps determined to engage in criminal violence themselves, some have rushed to conclude that all is lost. They shout for all foolish enough to listen, that doom is upon us, and that the highest service to one’s country, indeed the path to Sainthood, is precisely the sort of violent criminal activity the Department of Homeland Security is purporting to target. A self fulfilling prophecy, if there ever was one.

Unsurprisingly, these self professed revolutionaries hold anonymity as their highest value. Well, maybe the second highest.

The highest value is destroying the reputations of literally every White Nationalist who you could pick out of a lineup, while elevating their own profiles. They are fortunate to have the assistance of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in this pursuit, curiously retaining access to these platforms while the people they defame and attack are relegated to darker, and more expensive, corners of the Internet.

Their own anonymity is still a high priority, though not so much that they have relinquished the benefits of mainstream financial tools. Notably, as I check the website of one of the more flamboyant examples of this foolishness, I find no meaningful references to Bitcoin, and zero references to more privacy centric cryptocurrencies like Monero. Technologies the targets of their enmity have had to familiarize themselves with, in order not to starve.

Lest the reader think this is because these revolutionaries are so devoted to the cause that they care not for financial gain, these outspoken anti-capitalist racial warriors are more than happy to sell you a t-shirt through one of their corporate partners, and if you act now, they happen to have a 20% discount code in effect for the next hour or so.

If you have any trouble at checkout, you can contact them using their GMail account. The savvy observer might notice that their website lacks so much as a self signed SSL certificate to protect the privacy of their audiences, but again, all financial dealings are handled through their corporate partner, so fear not when you enter your name, address, and credit card number at checkout.

Since somebody with an address and social security number has to be receiving the payments from this corporate partner, it would seem the goal here is not so much the sort of complete anonymity which would shield them from State persecution, as much as it is hiding their identities from the people stupid enough to take them seriously. While they worship mass shooters and encourage their audiences to follow along similiar paths, they are clearly not in the slightest bit worried that the State will do anything to them.

You, are another story, but they are clearly not worried about your well being, either. If they were, they wouldn’t be encouraging you to die.

Thank You, Acting Secretary McAleenan

If the Department of Homeland Security does what it says it is going to do – and I recognize that this is a rather substantial “if” – then the interests of nearly all White Nationalists are in line with the interests of the Federal Government, as outlined in the strategic framework. We have a very serious problem in the White Nationalist movement, and we require the government’s assistance in solving it.

That problem, is anonymous fedposters.

Most of them are just weak minded, if well intentioned people, who have been taken advantage of. They are being taken advantage of by hostile outside forces, which have figured out that our culture of secrecy and anonymity is a weakness which they can exploit.

We are not terrorists. The people who try to make us out to be terrorists, are invariably hostile to our interests.

That goes ESPECIALLY for the ones, who from behind a thin veil of anonymity, pretend to be us.

The doxing, assaults, threats, harassment, defamations, false accusations, lawfare, and other maladies visited upon us by the Reds, have necessitated a culture of secrecy and anonymity in the White Nationalist movement. This has been turned against us by the same criminals who necessitated it, by fraudulently portraying themselves as part of our movement. With the assistance of Big Tech, they have, in under two years, obtained undeserved status through the reach these enemy corporations have afforded to them, and they have used that status to undermine the reputations of almost everyone who you could pick out of a lineup.

Perhaps most notably, they aim their enmity at the President of the United States, whom, like the Democrat Party, they would very much like to see lose next year’s election.

This should come as no surprise, since our enemies discussed almost precisely this strategy openly in the Journal Nature.

Policy 3 leverages the finding that clusters self-organize from an initially disordered group of users; it recommends that platform administrators promote the organization of clusters of anti-hate users, which could serve as a ‘human immune system’ to fight and counteract hate clusters. Policy 4 exploits the fact that many hate groups online have opposing views. The policy suggests that the platform administrators introduce an artificial group of users to encourage interactions between hate clusters that have opposing views, with a view to the hate clusters subsequently battling out their differences among themselves. The authors’ modelling demonstrated that such battles would effectively remove large hate clusters that have opposing views. Once put into action, policies 3 and 4 would require little direct intervention by the platform administrators; however, setting opposing clusters against each other would require meticulous engineering.

These people are not part of our movement. They are hostile outsiders, here to discredit us, to help the Democrat Party, and they are more than happy to see innocent people die at the hands of well meaning people stupid enough to listen to them. If we cannot unmask and deplatform them, then we must hope the government does, or they will destroy our movement, and our hope of salvation.

This Is Not A New Problem

It occurs to me that I never heard of most of these people before the Unite the Right rally. It thus crossed my mind to suggest, that they only entered our discourse after that event. It turns out, that whether this particular set of subversives is new or old, this tactic has been with us since well prior to Charlottesville.

Peppered throughout the complaint in the Sines v Kessler lawsuit, are references to unnamed and pseudonymous “participants” and “co-conspirators” who said violent and incriminating things, yet curiously seem to have escaped the wrath of the Jews. Their antics are being used to provide a fraudulent context into which our non-incriminating statements are framed as threats and confessions of intent to carry out violent crimes. While the people our Seige LARPing revolutionaries defame and attack are having their lives destroyed by lawfare due to such tactics, these guys are living it up on social media, and raking in the bucks from merch sales and Super Chats. All with no fear of being caught by authorities, through the paper trails their financial dealings necessitate.

James Mason warned of this in Siege. He called it “Linkage”

Here’s another new word to add to your vocabulary: Linkage. It used to be something known primarily to mechanics but, as of earlier this year, it could also be in your future. This one may replace ‘entrapment’ as the latest dirty trick of the System designed to deflate any potential the Movement may have before it can get off the ground. It’s a quasi-legal take-off on “guilt by association” which, even ten years ago, would never have held water except that, now, the source from which the juries and grand juries are drawn is sufficiently conditioned that they’ll indict or convict on cue from the System.

This arose out of the serious scare given to the System by one splinter of the Movement calling itself The Order. The System – so surprised and enraged that there is fight left anywhere – sought to tie in (or “link”) as many other Movement facets as they thought they could in order to, if not wipe them out totally, at least pin them down in a defensive legal jungle wherein they either retain expensive counsel or lose by default. Some top Movement people were literally on the run and others were sweating blood a few months ago because of it.

See some examples below…


If you read through all of those, you’ll notice that in the middle of all this anonymous shitposting by people not party to this suit, they shoe horned this in,

Defendant Cantwell expressly “encourage[d]” Radical Agenda followers “to carry a concealed firearm”

Well, that’s an odd way to quote somebody. Why not just quote the whole sentence?

This sorry excuse for a quote, came from a blog post titled “Unite the Right Updates“. I wasn’t talking about the Unite the Right rally in this post, I was talking about the Radical Agenda listeners meetup, which those in the know will recall, did not result in any violence at all. Just a bunch of communists unsuccessfully trying to frame me for a crime, a task they would have better luck with, later in the evening. Moreover, the point of telling people to conceal their weapons was a warning AGAINST open carry, even though it is legal in Virginia.

Many of you have asked about meeting up with me personally. Since the main event is likely to be chaotic, we might have trouble catching up at the main event. I am working on coordinating a meetup for Radical Agenda listeners on Friday, but I have to be careful about how the details are announced. Sadly, anything I say to you here, I also say to the media, communists, and other criminal elements. For this event, I encourage those with the legal authority, to carry a concealed firearm. Open carry will draw more unnecessary attention to us, so if you do not have a license to carry, please secure your firearms elsewhere and let us worry about defense.

Humorous how they saw fit to leave out that “for those with the legal authority” part, and replaced it with the non-quote “Radical Agenda followers”. This would have been a lot more conspicuous, were it not for the pages of anonymous crime posting by people who for all we know are plaintiffs in the suit.

No wonder these guys think doxing is a major problem. They might miss out on their big pay day if they get caught. It would sure be a shame if the Department of Homeland Security found out who gave Roberta Kaplan the fodder she needed for this fraudulent lawsuit.

You Ain’t Siege, Bruh

Replete throughout the inane ramblings of the fools who have wrought this hell on us with their subversive activities, are references to a book called Siege, by James Mason.

I actually read Siege. If these guys did, they aren’t recalling its substance very well.

But you don’t have to go read a lengthy collection of old newsletters to know how James Mason feels about fedposters. He personally responded the the DHS framework on September 21st.

Anything other than this word will not only lead down the path of failure, but derail you from not only the truth but also remove you from the ability to commit FULLY to SURVIVAL and SELF MASTERY.

That podcast is worth a listen.

Survival, that is kind of an important feature in the struggle for one’s Race & Nation. People who tell you suicide missions and life in prison are the highest goals, probably are not thinking like James Mason. He also warns against even giving the impression or appearance of evil in the podcast, which is something our fedposting friends seem to have missed the memo on.

If the feds go and arrest people who con our men into getting themselves killed or captured, then I say thank you to the feds.

However, it is undeniable that Siege spoke of revolutionary violence. Lethal force, in no uncertain terms.

So, has Mason changed his position? Is he cucking and caving to pressure in the heat of the very moment when our glorious revolution is about to bring forth the ethnostate?


To illustrate, I’ll here provide some choice excerpts from the book,

A comrade sent me a pamphlet issued by a bunch of idiots who happen to be the proud owners of some professional printing equipment and who thereby imagine themselves qualified to speak on the subject of revolution. In this pamphlet they darkly talk in grave tones about “conspiratorial activity”. At that point my suspicions of  them which I’d had since the mid-70’s were confirmed: they are children playing with matches!

And sadly, today, one need nothing so unique as a printing press to make similar idiotic noise to that which Mason here references. Every retard with a smartphone can start fedposting, and if you are foolish enough to take such children seriously, then their recreational frolicking with the proverbial match book, will burn down your metaphorical house.

The term conspiracy is not now, and never has been, part of my vocabulary. It is DANGEROUS! I should say UNNECESSARILY DANGEROUS! For conspiracy means TALK and talk is counter-revolutionary. Talk is what the System and its pimps LOVE most of all. In case you didn’t know it already, you can do big. Federal time for merely “conspiring” to do something. You need not take any action, only TALK about it to a circle of three or more (including yourself), and THAT constitutes conspiracy! (And one of the favorites of the System is to charge people with “conspiring to violate civil rights” which sometimes doesn’t even require the discussion of any action.)

Now, speaking as the host of a talk radio show, I must depart from Mr. Mason’s disdain for verbal exchange. On the other hand, I’m not talking about doing anything illegal, and I suspect that is more the point. Or is it?

Take the case of Daniel McMahon, whom federal prosecutors allege is aka Jack Corbin. He was recently indicted and arrested for allegedly making threats against some violent nigger communist in Charlottesville. At a recent bond hearing, McMahon was ordered to remain in custody by U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Wilson. “He is cheering on mass shooters. That is what really bothers me,” Wilson said of the 31-year-old Brandon, Florida, man. “This is a red flag.”

Speaking of Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers, Corbin wrote on Gab, that he had “more balls” than most other white nationalists, adding: “God bless that man.” This is a perfectly lawful statement, but it is being used to keep him in custody on other charges. Did Jack come up with that idea on his own? Maybe. Or maybe he, like me and a lot of other people, got his head filled up with stupid ideas by subversives in his Gab mentions and comments.

If you believe at all in the power of propaganda, and I doubt you would be listening to the Radical Agenda if you did not, then you have to realize that enemy propagandists would target us with carefully crafted narratives capable of convincing our people to go astray. They would not tell you to embrace diversity and become a communist, they would tell you to do self destructive things in the name of helping the cause you currently support. I am thoroughly convinced that precisely this sort of campaign has been visited upon us, and we witness its outcome on a near daily basis as one fedposter after another is picked up by federal agents.

Anybody who is loudly and publicly talking about doing violent and illegal things, on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, without so much as a Bitcoin wallet, PGP key, or SSL certificate, is at best, an idiot, with the far more likely scenario outlined next, by Mason.

But of course you figure that you are too careful for that, eh? You think you know and can trust the people you deal with, right? Let me quickly relate the story of how two brothers were framed by the Feds and who are now serving a six-year term for conspiracy. A hired pimp was sent into their group in Columbus , Ohio , in 1977 to first gather information and, later, to act as agent provocateur. He spent two years building his credibility before he began to get a little bold with his suggestions. It doesn’t matter how “tight” your imagined security is if it includes one professional pimp. This agent kept bucking for some kind of “action”, something “solid” as a strike against forced bussing in Columbus . Finally he got around to the idea of bombing a school. Then came the brothers’ big mistake: they did not at that moment say to the pimp, “Get thee behind me!”. They listened, they discussed the pros and cons. And later, in the Federal courtroom after their arrests by an army of FBI agents, they saw and heard themselves on wide-screen motion picture “conspiring” with police agents to bomb a school building! The all-White jury didn’t take even thirty minutes to return a verdict of “Guilty”!

Take your favorite fedposter. Any one of them, or for that matter, any ten. Now imagine they each make $65,000/year on the payroll of some hostile entity, be it the FBI, Israeli Intelligence, or the Open Societies Foundation. If you think paying that salary for 2 or more years is outside the reach, or beneath the dignity, of any of those institutions, then you are an idiot. Could George Soros shell out <$2 Million to convince Nazis to send themselves to prison or worse, and give the media a propaganda victory? You can be certain it would be the best investment he ever made, and that he would gladly accept some dead Jewish senior citizens, as the cost of doing business.

With that in mind, the words of James Mason are again prescient.

In revolution the price of failure generally is death. So whatever you do and whatever course you choose, don’t sell yourself cheap. MAKE IT COUNT!

Moreover, their behavior begins to make a lot more sense when you assume they are professional hostiles.

  • They are happy to take your money, but they never seem to need any, and they take no measures to protect the privacy of those (on the Right) dumb enough to pay them.
  • They don’t want you to know who they are, but they don’t cover their tracks sufficiently to keep authorities from discovering who they are.
  • They themselves have little interest in achieving Sainthood though suicidal violence, they are just Preachers.
  • They are very considered about concealing their own identities from you, but not from the powers that be, and they do nothing to protect your privacy.
  • They attack everyone who needs money, or cares about their own safety, as a grifter and a coward.

If the Department of Homeland Security wants to remove those people from our political discourse, then I am enthusiastically in support of this program.

Of course, the thinking reader must say to himself at some point “But Chris, the possibility that violence will someday be our only recourse, certainly exists. We thus cannot dismiss everyone who speaks of violence as hostile to our interests. How can we tell the difference between fed and righteous revolutionary?”

This is not a simple question, but we can very easily rule some things out.

His greatest concern must be to pick his target well so that his act may speak so clearly for itself that no member of White America can mistake its message. If you can’t do it, leave it alone. Forget it! Don’t try and talk someone else into doing it and ESPECIALLY don’t hear of anyone else trying to talk YOU into anything. Don’t talk, period! However it can’t hurt to begin now to learn, to train, and to have materials ready.

True enough, it is hard to mistake the motive of a shooter in a black church, synagogue, or mosque. When you get caught and leave a manifesto behind, the message is most certainly loud and clear.

However, these fedposting idiots are breaking the third rule of Siege Club, and trying to con you into breaking the fourth.

Moreover, just because you sent a message, doesn’t mean you succeeded.

What must our definition of victory now become? To have survived another day, another year. To exist in and amongst the System… but not as a consumer, not as a statistic or as a victim. To exist decently and, to be sure, to “keep the wolves away from the door”.

We will LIVE. We will out-live the System. And, should we individually not make it all the way, then we will not have been cheated for we will have had our share. Living within the Beast System as a revolutionary, day-today, is the REAL emergency and it calls for emergency measures to be taken on a ROUTINE BASIS. To be able to exist thus is the victory!

Achieving sainthood through suicide missions, is thus not born of the doctrine these evangelists purport to espouse.

They are frauds, and I will be all too happy to see them shut down by the government.

But what of actual violence? If not suicide missions in mosques and synagogues, what sort of violence might one find justification for in Siege?

Rather, go instead to activities designed and intended to HURT THE ENEMY. And for these activities, in my own opinion, two participants are one too many. Also in my humble opinion it is a ridiculous risk and waste to mess with the material body of the Enemy, as he has all our tax money to mend himself, just as a lizard will grow a new limb. The PHYSICAL BODY of the Enemy however is so utterly flabby that he positively CAN’T STAND very much of an intensified assault of this kind. In short it would seem to me that any intelligence at all would lead comrades to know to stop hitting the Enemy where he laughs and start hitting him where he SCREAMS!

Strike hard and strike deep to build the climate for revolution where even the most craven of White cowards will be COMPELLED to join in or else die! But, for God’s sake, stop wasting yourselves and your efforts and making the rest of us look like damned idiots!

Anybody who thinks the enemy feels hurt when a bunch of Muslims in New Zealand end up dead, is a moron. Anybody who thinks Roof’s 9 nigger victims were in any way missed, is even dumber. The whole point of these people is that they are disposable.

A handful of Jews at a fag bris are no more missed, and you better believe that rabbi who got his thumb fucked up was happy to endure the injury. Communism always brings pogroms, and the people who push this shit are entirely too happy to make this expenditure of their coethnics’ lives.

By this standard, likewise misguided are ideas sometimes espoused by the propertarians, of disrupting infrastructure. An enemy who can compel you to pay the repair bill, does not care what you break.

It is exceedingly dangerous to start talking about target acquisition, and I do not want to encourage anyone to actually carry out such a task. In brief, somebody who is willing to risk their life is capable of doing very real damage to real people who actually matter. Gunning down disposals is retarded, and if you engage in violence that does not change political outcomes, then you are acting like a nigger gang banger, not a revolutionary.

Actually, you are acting worse than a nigger gang banger, because a nigger gang banger can kill one of his homeboys and be out in a few years. James Fields accidentally killed one fat girl while fleeing from an armed communist, and he only avoided the needle by pleading guilty and spending the rest of his life in prison.

Effective political violence would benefit the political forces which are most, even if not completely, in line with your ideas, by diminishing the power, inertia, and motivation, of their rivals. In our case, that would be to strengthen the Republican Party, and specific factions thereof, at the expense of the neocons and the Democrats. James Hodgkinson knew this, which is why he opened fire on the Freedom Caucus in Alexandria, Virginia. We are all very fortunate that he was poorly trained, because killing Steve Scalise and Rand Paul would definitely have altered the balance of power in Washington. Antifa knows this, which is why they go after Tucker Carlson and Ted Cruz.

In contrast, the fedposters are universally hostile to the entirety of the GOP, and Donald Trump in particular. What political outcome does that benefit? They would tell you the goal is to crash the system, but the outcome of their course is too predictable to believe the presentation. Trump’s enemies within the GOP are willing to make common cause with the Democrats to the extent it prevents the shifting of the Overton Window in our direction. Mass shootings and other shocking acts of violence attributed to us undeniably help the Democrat Party,

When was the last time you saw Antifa attack Elizabeth warren for not being hard core enough?


One set of equations that Joe Tommasi never got around to mentioning regarding the levels of the struggle is this: in the past the Right Wing pulled stupid stunts against Blacks and other useless expendables and then ran away hoping not to be caught later by Big Brother but usually were caught, and then offered no RESISTANCE. (Trying to defend yourself in Big Brother’s courtrooms is not resistance.) Lately some of the Movement have been choosing better, higher targets but still put themselves in a runaway kind of position where they are either caught right on the spot or after a manhunt. Again, little or no resistance (except in the heroic case of Fred Cowan who would not be taken). The two levels which the Movement is steadily evolving toward are these: first, if they must put themselves in a hit-and-run position then they will have made up their minds at the start to not surrender by the rules of the System’s game. The final level is when they have begun to hit and keep on hitting, never considering detection much less capture because they are completely involved with the ongoing attack. This final level of struggle shall be when the so-called ‘capture parties’ sent by Big Brother go out but don’t come back.

Later, Mason thought better of the “Hit and Run” strategy;

One of the areas is that of the overtly illegal, violent attacks against the System. “Hit and run”, so to speak. Wouldn’t it make better sense to turn that concept around to “run and hit”? It only means that you should first drop out of sight, go underground, and stay that way for however long is required for you to learn to exist comfortably at it. At that point you can go ahead and do – and probably get away with – any damned thing you’d choose to pull.

Striking in hot passion and then running blindly is no more than glorified suicide.

If you want your suicide to be glorified, then hang out with fedposters.

Come with me if you want to live.

In 1973, through constant activity nationwide and through some admirable policies of professionalism, the Movement stood ready to break into what Commander Rockwell would have called “Phase Three”, or the phase of mass action. We then had more leaders than had been on the scene in 1966. Rather than wait for a moment to come, we made our own. Not only that but we also chose the place: Cleveland. Over one hundred uniformed, helmeted Troopers marched down the middle of Euclid Avenue that Labor Day and formed-up in a public square for a rally. And though the opposition was there – from the System and from the Reds – we were too strong. Had that sort of show of strength and discipline been maintained and repeated in various other cities it most likely would have, first, broken the “spell” of thousands who were hovering on the brink of committing openly and, second, prompted panic reactions on the part of every aspect of our racial Enemy thus providing obvious and inescapable openings for further and greater EXPLOITATION.

Replace Commander Rockwell in this excerpt with your choice of prominent figure involved in the Unite The Right Rally. Replace Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, with the UVA Campus on August 11th, and to a lesser extent, Lee Park on August 12th.

Had that sort of show of strength and discipline been maintained and repeated in various other cities, we would be in a far better place today. As it turns out, there were men who were willing to do just that. Among them, Matt Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party.

Back to Siege.

What set in next, both in 1966 and 1973, is what we must now learn to recognize and make our new effort far less vulnerable – if not altogether immune – to. There seemed to be no absolute commitment to REVOLUTION. No one seemed to know what the goal really was. The prevailing leadership at both times used the term “White Revolution” copiously in their propaganda but they thought only in terms of a revolutionary ideal or of a revolutionary social change far down the road somewhere. They did not fully subscribe to TOTAL REVOLUTION NOW! And not only the men at the very top. The one-man show has proved it can’t get to first base. To be legitimate, a revolutionary political movement must have at least about a dozen or more leading, prominent figures. No one among the cadres being built at those times (with the single outstanding exception of Joseph Tommasi) was thinking purely revolutionary. 

While Matt’s own personal failings sealed his fate, that was not, as those who have followed along will recall, the entirety of the story. After Spencer’s speaking event at Michigan State University, at which the TWP showed unrivaled courage in the face of an armed enemy who outnumbered them substantially, Weev’s blog descended upon the TWP with a campaign of calumny and humiliation which should have told us right then that there was a Jew behind it all.

That was pretty much the end of Alt Right street action, and the Reds rejoiced. As did Weev.

With the Alt Right off the streets, it was once again an Internet based phenomenon, and as such, solidly in Weev’s domain.

Did things improve, as we were promised, once the TWP disbanded, and left Spencer defenseless? The communists certainly would see it that way, but our movement has not fared well since then at all.

Did the attacks stop? Of course not. With Heimbach out of the way, it was on to destroy Paul Nehlen. Once he was driven completely insane and thoroughly discredited, it was my turn on the chopping block. Then it was on to Patrick Little. Now they have set their sights on TRS.

If, as Mason suggests, a movement must have a dozen or more leading, prominent figures, then the people who are making that impossible through calumny and humiliation of everybody who dares to poke their head out, are definitely not working toward anything described by James Mason.

Back to Siege

Had everyone concerned been completely committed to REVOLUTION OVER THE SYSTEM then it would have been a much easier task to sublimate the personal feelings and weaknesses which destroyed their efforts ultimately. The most incompatible of personalities can work together effectively for revolution but hardly for a damned thing else. The most limited and klutzy individual can understand the common sacred drive to SMASH THE SYSTEM. Everyone can find his or her proper place in the WAR AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT. The Communists have proven this in a dozen historic cases, all of them recent.

While I don’t quite share in Mr. Mason’s ill-defined target acquisition, or even the goal of revolution per se, we can here too draw an important parallel. The Alt Right was united in purpose, first behind the deification and election of Donald Trump. Next, we were united in purpose behind the goal of earning our Right to show our faces in public. To this end, those who were serious, sublimated our personal feelings and weaknesses, so that the most incompatible of personalities could and did work together effectively toward our common purpose. Men who actually went to jail, myself included, handled the stress of this better than people who are hiding in foreign countries, with Bitcoin to spare.

What we have seen since then, is a decidedly counter revolutionary force at work, in the most unflattering sense of that term. They have systematically sought out, identified, and piled on, every real and imagined personal and factional conflict among us. They have engaged in non-stop wholesale character assassination of every leading figure of this movement with the slightest chance of making it a real world force, and always, invariably, with the driving narrative that all hope is lost, and that our only hope is for young men to end their lives on the most unhelpful and self destructive sort of violent crime imaginable.

If the Department of Homeland Security targets them, you and I will be in a much better place.

Now, one who was foolish and unfortunate enough to get suckered into this scam, might read what I am saying and raise a predictable objection. “Ah Ha! Gotcha Cantwell! My masked fedposting leaders are the true revolutionaries, and the only reason they are working to ruin everything the movement has built up in the last five years is because you are the ones not dedicated to the revolution!

“Well,” comes the reply, “how are you so certain of this?”

Let us pretend for a moment that I were hell bent on the violent overthrow of the government of the United States, and the entirety of the Jew World Order with it. As it turns out, there is ample cause for the casual observer to believe this, actually. Lots of people, wrongly, do. Suppose I were as black pilled as my masked detractors, and with each Jewish senior citizen grazed by a talentless shooter’s bullet in a synagogue, I celebrated internally, waiting for the next comrade of ours to join the shooter in the enemy’s cages.

Given my notoriety, legal entanglements, and financial troubles, how might I handle this?

Well, I’d try to change that situation however I could.

To hear the fedposters tell it, I should throw my body upon the gears of the Machine. I should get back to doing Live from Seg for the next 20 years, or however long it takes Jared Howe to join me in the box.

Well, first of all. Fuck that. I already bled and went to jail for this thing. I gave up a job in broadcast radio, because I wouldn’t apologize for a “racist” remark. I gave up my social media presence, my PayPal account, all of my advertising contracts, and more than one hot potential wife. All because I take what we are doing that seriously. That means I’ve done more than almost anyone in this movement, and certainly more than any self styled revolutionary masked shithead, whose greatest fear is somebody might find out where he sleeps at night.

Even if everything I said from now until the end of time was complete horseshit, a true revolutionary would be deifying me as an example of self sacrifice and dedication to the cause. My errors would be paved over and minimized, and my virtues held in high praise, so as to encourage others to emulate my best behaviors.

The people who attack me are attacking everyone else who might contemplate putting anything meaningful at risk for this cause, and if they aren’t doing so themselves, they are at least connected to an effort by others to do so. They are making certain that no sane observer would, knowing that there will be the exact opposite of reward waiting for him on the other side.

They are fools at best, enemies at the far more likely worst, and escalating conflicts against a government as powerful as the United States is a losing proposal even for other governments throughout the world. A movement such as ours, which has been chased from the streets and bankrupted by some wealthy Jews and their lowlife masked anarchist pets, is by any measure weaker than a foreign government, and is thus in no shape to make such a powerful enemy.

We cannot win if we are dead or in prison, and even if you are very good at hiding your identity, the proliferation of the type of propaganda which is likely to cause a guy legal problems, is dangerous to our goals because it is simply unfit for public consumption. Guys start praising mass shooters, even as a joke, and then some other person who is less cautious ends up in jail for a reckless social media post. Or worse, some unhinged person stumbles across it, jumps the gun, and everything we care about ends up targeted by the full horrifying powers of the State.

Our interests are best served by being in alignment with the Trump wing of the Republican Party. Movement leaders need room to operate, to pivot rhetorically, and to earn a living. If the government wants to target us, we need to convince those targeting us that we are not their problem, and lead them in a direction more likely to secure the peace and prosperity of the country.

Anything short of that is a suicide mission, and we all ought question the motives of anybody who says otherwise.


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