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Though it may seem that way to the uninitiated, the ideas sprawled across the pages of this website are not the incoherent ramblings of a mad man. It’s actually very well informed, albeit informed by somewhat esoteric schools of thought. If you’re enjoying the style but longing for background, you might want to check out the following resources.

Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading

A few notes about this page

  • As you’ll see, some of this is watching/listening material. Not just reading
  • Check back often, I’ll update this regularly
  • Where possible I am using Amazon affiliate links because I get paid to do so. Sometimes you can find these for free, I leave that search to you.
  • I do not endorse every word of every publication listed, this is reference material. In fact, some of it I might find downright despicable, but worthy information to know.
  • I have actually read/watched/listened to everything listed here unless otherwise noted. That does not mean this is everything I have read/watched/listened to.




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