Back By Popular Demand – Angry Goy II

Back in 2018, I was contacted by a gentleman going by the name Nathaniel Wheelmaker about publishing a game he had produced, in which I was one of the playable characters.

The game was called “Angry Goy II” which, as the name implies, is the sequel to Angry Goy.

I’m not sure anyone easily reachable still has a copy of the original game, and while I was in prison, the link to Angry Goy II on my website was broken by some changes that had to be made to keep my websites online in my absence.

Several people have asked me about the game since I have been home, and I did discover that I still had a copy of it on my local machine.

I have uploaded it to my website, fixing the original download link, and making it available to you, here, at long last.

I will tell you a little secret which was not published at the time of release, if, at the character select screen, you type lovehitl3r it will unlock all the characters immediately. Otherwise you have to keep playing and playing to unlock all the characters.

I’ll tell you another secret, which all players eventually came to know, the Christopher Cantwell character is the best, and his best weapon is the pepper spray. I’m not telling you that to promote myself, you will find out when you play that it is 100% true.

Enjoy the game, it has brought joy to many hearts, and pissed off all the right people!


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Below you will find the link, along with a slightly modified version of the original description.

Notably, I have removed instructions to send Bitcoin to an address, because the wallet associated with that address does not appear to have been active for some time, and I cannot contact the original developer at this time. I wouldn’t want you throwing your crypto away.

I have also removed a note about a forthcoming updated version which to the best of my knowledge was never produced, and added that you might try running the application in Windows Compatibility mode for Windows 7 if you have trouble on Windows 10 or 11, which has been reported.

I have included here a note from the original blog post about antivirus false positives which, I suspect is no longer an issue. I ran this on my computer with Kaspersky Antivirus and had no issues, I manually scanned it and had no issues. The false positive always was false, and there was never any risk to playing the game aside from addiction.




Left wing terrorists have kidnapped the President! If he is not rescued, Western civilization will fall. Do you have what it takes, or are you a cuck?

Angry Goy II
Angry Goy II

Angry Goy II is the season’s hit game for White males who have had it with Jewish bullshit. Instead of taking out your frustrations on actual human beings, you can fight the mongrels and degenerates on your computer! Use guns, knives, pepper spray, and more! Lay waste to wave after wave of shitdicks, shitskins, shitstains, and the kikes they serve.

This is version 1.0. An updated version (was not forthcoming)

(Requires Microsoft Windows operating system)

Download Here

If you have problems, try running the game in compatibility mode for Windows 7 or maybe even earlier.


A note about anti-virus false positives:

It was brought to my attention by a Radical Agenda listener that a virus scan from detected a keylogger/backdoor in the executable file of this game (AngryGoyII.exe).  Understandably, people in our circles would want to avoid being infected with such a problematic piece of malware even more than the average citizen, and we should all be skeptical of anyone who offers us an executable file.

When the developer contacted me about hosting the game, I told him that I would have to scan it for viruses and test the game out, so he would have to give me some advance notice. I did this before releasing it. I suspect the detection at VirusTotal is a false positive for reasons I will explain below.

What one notices when looking at this scan is that of the 70 antivirus engines checking the file, only six detect the keylogger. Of those six, the only recognizable name to me, is McAfee-GW-Edition. However, as one scrolls down the list of clean results, they see that regular McAfee also sees the file as being clean.

This seems to be in line with a thread on the McAfee support forums titled “McAfee GW Edition is out of control” where this version of the software is detecting malware in reputable applications like FireFox and Steam.

I spoke to the developer about these suspicions, and he gave me what I think to be a plausible explanation.

As for the keylogging, there is an extension called controlX which is a fusion 2.5 extension that is used in conjunction with an xbox controller extension to detect inputs on an xbox controller and map them to the keyboard. Maybe it picked that up as keylogger.


This makes sense to me, because if it was a real keylogger, that is a very noticeable heuristic that would surely be driving my anti-virus insane. I’ve played this game a few times, and had no such issues at all. It hasn’t requested any odd permissions, and it doesn’t require administrator privileges.

I ran a more in depth analysis of the executable from Hybrid-Analysis. This service runs some additional tests, along with the VirusTotal detection. You can view that report here to get a better idea of what the application is doing.

This game is still on my computer. I still enjoy playing it. I spoke on the phone with the developer, and he comes across as an honest person who cares about our movement. That is why it is still available for download. If I thought this were malicious software, I would have removed it and sent out a warning to my audience.

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