If you would like to contact me for any reason, you can text or leave me a voicemail at ‪(202) 599-7386. I might play it on the air.

You can email me at [email protected]

Postal mail, including checks, money orders and gift cards can be sent to;

Christopher Cantwell

497 Hooksett Road

Unit 312

Manchester, NH 03104


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    39 thoughts on “Contact

    1. contrary to others comments about you
      i appreciate what you have said about justin in canada
      its always the bravest that go into the den first

      guys like him remind me of what a coward i see my self as at times

    2. I have a quick question about the contact number of Some Garbage Podcast.

      In your most recent post about the upcoming podcast, you tell the reader to call 1-567-704-3182. Is that number the number the Some Garbage Podcast?

      1. The number for SGP is different than the number to contact me. The number listed here on the contact page is basically a voice mail that exists to record death threats. The SGP number is a different service to take calls to a podcast.

    3. I’ll give you your options right now. Turn yourself in, or get the fuck out of America. Now you might understand slightly what people of color feel like all the time. ESPECIALLY with maniac assholes like you running around.

    4. Hahahahaha!!! Nothing like watching a fucking Nazi bawl his eyes out. Cry away you cowardly, worthless piece of shit.

      I hear that White Supremacists have a lot of fun in prison, by the way 😉

    5. Chris, don’t let these mongoloid pieces of trash get you down. Keep standing for liberty and justice.

      I don’t support the idea of an authoritarian ethno-state or Neo-Nazism but as long as you continue being non-violent and only use violence in defense of yourself I will support your Right to speak as a fellow law-abiding and morally just American.

      1. I’ve had just about enough of you cis males and your unrepentant homophobia! I’m making it my mission to find your fascistic nazi ass and stick your comments right up your bottom. Then I’ll tell your boss and get you fired.

        1. Somebody was getting buck, so Chris pepper sprayed the guy. This was done after Chris had been pepper sprayed numerous times. But the media, lying sacks of shit they are, paints it like Chris did something. They haven’t even specifically stated what happened, they just say “extremist violence” or “neo-Nazi assault” because it is sensational and sells.

    6. Chris, I think you owe the YT channel “Picking Woke” a big thank you. He kept covering your stuff when you were jailed. Your talks with Enoch, your “live from seg”, everything. Would appreciate it if you made a shoutout on your next show.

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