Your financial support is greatly appreciated, and I’ve attempted to make it easy for you to provide.

I have a GiveSendGo campaign seeking to raise $5k/month to fund SurrealPolitiks. This will allow you to make automatically recurring payments, and you can find this at

I have Cash app. My CashTag is $EdgyChris or

Strike Payments

Postal mail, including checks, money orders and gift cards can be sent to;

Christopher Cantwell
497 Hooksett Road
Unit 312
Manchester, NH 03104

Money is always best, but I have an Amazon Wish List if you want to send me a gift:

Failing these, I love crypto;

BTC: bc1qcg97hwdy8d463794wm0uq3np0px49acw6505gm

ETH: 0xa29441bF858c529E374960A34e16f21abc0970E8

Any Ethereum based asset supported by the Exodus wallet, such as BAT, USDC, etc, can also be sent to the above address. But you may want to inform me by email that you’ve sent it, so that I can configure my wallet to notice and make use of the asset.

LTC: LQsN4hA761RPrUNTva58nQhJ4BYsAQgYet

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BNB: 0xa29441bF858c529E374960A34e16f21abc0970E8

I’ll take your weird designer crypto too, just contact me. 🙂

If you would like to contact me for any reason, you can leave me a voicemail at (202) 599-7386. I might play it on the air.

You can email me at [email protected]

35 thoughts on “Donate

  1. “Libertarianism is a radical movement. If you’re trying to make it populist, you’re not only fooling yourselves, you’re actively on the path to ruining it. The goal is not to win elections, the goal is to radicalize a large enough minority to make statism impossible. I have a hard time believing that millions of people screaming “9/11 was an inside job!” and “the answer to 1984 is 1776!” harms that goal.

    If anything hurts the movement, it’s feeding credibility to the government by discrediting the people who spend their days disproving its lies.”

  2. Chris, you have hit the nail on the head here. I had a bit of a debate with a female relative about #rapeculture when they (so-called feminists) went off about the spoiled Hollywood brat that went on the shooting spree in California. She insisted that it was going to be the rallying point around which women would finally unify to overthrow the oppressive “rapists”. I argued that this guys issues had nothing to do with rape, and was a very poor choice to be their new posterchild. I was told that I just didn’t (and given my age and gender) could never understand.

    These new-feminists no longer try to throw off the shackles of male dominance so popularized in the 70’s, now that they’ve achieved so-called parity in wages, education, and crashed through the glass-ceiling. Now the unifying straw-man is the “rapist”, which, when you start digging into the arguments boils down to: “Any unwanted male attention is rape. If I find him attractive and want to sleep with him, it’s merely charming.” (With the additional caveat that “if I wake up the next morning and regret my decision, it was rape”.)

    To genaralize a bit, they suposedly dislike the “hyper-sexualization” of women, yet want to dress as sexually provocative as possible, hang out in dance clubs, drink like fish, and only get hit on by Alphas. It’s another victim movement that is merely an excuse for their serial-monogamous relationships that always end in disappointment.

  3. Is it possible to support you by way of buying from Amazon sites other than .com and I live in Germany, and so most often I use their .de site.

  4. I don’t generally contribute monthly, but find it difficult to do a $25/50/100 etc donation. Since I can’t see the future, I prefer not to do promises, so would do $125 now but not $10/mo.

  5. Can you accept an additional crypto? I want to send you 10$ here and there but a ~1$ network fee is getting a little ridiculous

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        Oh, Randall, you silly little cuck.

      2. Hey Randall, maybe you should star in a porno with Chris Cantwell. Come on naughty bad boys, show the world how down dirty white supreme you can get.

  6. I just offered expired canned goods with illegible labels due to the cat shitting on them for the cause! please send money so I can afford to pay for shipping! thanks!

  7. It’s a shame that faggot liberals are too scared to debate you, they must know they would lose, that why the left hates civil rights. It’s a shame that we lost a beautiful Dodge Charger on that day due to that fat bitch illegally blocking traffic. Thank god the driver survived.

  8. Just wanna stop by and say respect brother. I’m going to send some bitcoin to hopefully help with your legal expenses. Stay strong and God bless.

  9. Hey Chris, BCH now has their own unique address format available. You should probably switch over your donation address to the new style so some dumbass doesn’t mistakenly send BTC to the address by accident…

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