The FCC claims it’s going to keep the net “neutral”. News outlets claim to be “impartial”. Such buzzwords immediately tell you that you’re being scammed.

Well, it’s official. The FCC is taking over the Internet. Not only that, but millions of idiots begged them to do it, because they think the FCC is somehow going to keep the net “neutral”.

No Such Thing as Neutral
No Such Thing as Neutral

This isn’t the only time we hear that word thrown around. Wikipedia comes to mind. Their obvious pro-government leanings make it less than reputable for those of us who actually care whether or not free and independent people wake up in prison for harming nobody. But they’re trying to build an encyclopedia, which shouldn’t have political leanings, right? The obvious political leanings of Fox News and MSNBC are met with CNN making some effort to offset them by remaining in the middle. Judges, and juries, are supposed to remain impartial to the proceedings before them before making judgements. There seems to be a great deal of effort in society to appear neutral.

What becomes obvious when you look at it is this. There is no such thing as neutral. There is no such thing as impartial. There is no center. 

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