Some Garbage Podcast EP036 - A Radical Agenda

Some Garbage Podcast EP036 – A Radical Agenda

I’ve been quiet for most of the last week. If not for my weekly Free Talk Live appearance, I’d have let tax day go by unnoticed. This however, is not for a lack of effort.

I’ve been studying, and contemplating.

I picked up some free audio books from the Mises Institute. Walter Block’s Defending the Undefendable, Murray Rothbard’s For a New Liberty, and Lysander Spooner’s No Treason. I’m now refreshing my memory on Ludwing von Mises’s Human Action, a book I read back in 2009, but failed to entirely comprehend at the time.

Rothbard and Block made frequent references to the “anti-populationists”, which didn’t sound good at all. I began looking into people and groups who are very concerned about overpopulation. If you think I’m radical, get familiar with the folks who think the human population needs to be dramatically reduced to save the planet. Their proposals range from simple outreach, to massive government programs that parade their profoundly anti-human agenda as planet saving fairy dust. I went down another bizarre rabbit hole which occupied a great deal of my time, and caused me to fluctuate between extraordinary levels of despair and anger.

Needing sanity, I went back to liberty oriented material. I usually listen to Stefan Molyneux and Tom Woods on a regular basis. I decided to add Alex Jones to my daily listening lineup. A time consuming process which will surely require some discrimination in the days to come, but I wanted to load up on radicalism of different varieties.

There’s more, but let me get to the point.

A Radical Agenda

What we’re doing here friends, it’s different. The above mentioned libertarians are all radicals in their own right, but I am, no, we are, of a different variety. We’re pissed off, and not content to smile through our suffering in hopes of making friends of our enemies. We are button pushers. Abolitionists. Realists.

We like to have a laugh, even at our own expense. This doesn’t make us garbage.

We’re willing to confront our rivals with the harsh reality of the physical world, their whiny petulant bullshit be damned. This does not make us assholes.

It makes us radicals, and we ought to be taken seriously.

I started all this with a different mindset. I never thought it would matter. I’ve been convinced that I was wrong about that. It matters now, even with a branding strategy that almost assured it would not be.

I used to get a kick out of calling myself an asshole. I still do, but when a legislator is moved by my words in Concord, asks for a business card, and sees “Asshole” in the tagline, it doesn’t help.

Some Garbage Podcast EP036 - A Radical Agenda
Some Garbage Podcast EP036 – A Radical Agenda

I started Some Garbage Podcast as a joke with my buddy. Then I found myself in the awkward position of introducing the show with a guest as prestigious as Walter Williams, calling my production garbage.

This is not a strategy for victory, and I’ve realized I cannot leave the task of victory to others. So today I launch a new strategy for carrying out my radical agenda, and I hope you’ll all join me. Tune in for another excruciating episode of Some Garbage Podcast, it will be the beginning of the end of the beginning. The start of something new. The name of the show is changing, but we’re not backing down, we’re stepping it up. This and every Friday from 5-7pm Eastern, we’ll be live, with more frequent regular shows to soon be announced.

Call in 567-704-3182 or hit up Skype username

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