Radical Agenda EP003 - Monday Night RA

Radical Agenda EP002 – Real Life Game of Thrones

Did you hear the one about the libertarian who got elected to the New York City Council? He got indicted by the feds on corruption charges and sentenced to a decade in prison. This isn’t a joke, it actually happened.

Radical Agenda EP002 - Real Life Game of Thrones
Radical Agenda EP002 – Real Life Game of Thrones

Dan Halloran faces 10 years in prison for some alleged impropriety pertaining to the New York City Mayoral election. He’s also accused of using his political position to enrich himself financially. I know Dan, we’ve shared stages together, had drinks, and discussed a variety of topics in the time leading up to his election. Author Raquel Okyay will be in studio, and she knows him a bit better.Β She has an article coming out in a major publication discussing his case in great detail.

While Dan’s actions may have been questionable, at best, the investigation into him was even more suspicious. Dealings like his were not at all uncommon in New York politics. To nail him with a double digit prison sentence for activities that had become so common that people barely bothered to hide what they were doing, indicates an agenda other than enforcing the law. This went beyond partisanship, it was an ideological vendetta against an elected official who went against New York’s Democratic machine.

But perhaps, that’s what happens when you play the Game of Thrones.

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