Radical Agenda EP005 - Abolition of the Victim

Radical Agenda EP005 – Abolition of the Victim

Behavior is all about incentives, and modern society has set every incentive completely backwards. Government subsidizes poverty, while taxing production. It takes guns from law abiding citizens, leaving criminals to rule the streets. Police and military personnel are hailed as the saviors of mankind, despite being tax fed violent enforcers of politicians’ whims, even as we all on some level know that politicians tend to be morally bankrupt sociopaths.

These terrible things are fairly obvious to anybody who bothers to look, but there is a more subtle and pernicious incentive at play which I believe plays an even more sinister role in the demise of mankind. Victim worship.

Radical Agenda EP005 - Abolition of the Victim
Radical Agenda EP005 – Abolition of the Victim

Think about it, how often do we hear of those many cases where a gun owner stops a criminal? Quite frequently if we check the right sources, but mainstream media tends to favor hapless victims who never stood a chance. We are not to celebrate rugged men who fight evil, or industrious leaders who succeed in business, we are only to mourn the loss of those who cannot fight, and to guilt ourselves over those who cannot succeed.

What effect do you imagine that has on a culture? What is one incentivized to be, when strength and success are punished, and weakness and failure are to be heaped with praise? What does that do to a gene pool? Nothing good.

We’ve got a lot of work to do if we’re going to reverse those incentives.

In other news, an official notice “To Fuck this court and everything that it stands for“, Bernie Sanders wants to take over the planetary economy, The Truth about Single Moms, Freddie Gray’s killers have been charged, and of course, your calls. Give me a ring atΒ 218-936-0815, or connect with Skype username Radical Agenda, if you would like to be on the program.

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