Dear Stefan Molyneux, Police Are Criminals .

Dear Stefan Molyneux, Police Are Criminals.

Dear Stefan Molyneux,

Thanks for taking the time to read this. You’re a very big influence on me, my personal relationships, and my work. I watch or listen to everything you produce. I’ve listened to your audio books. I frequently reference your work in my own. I donate to you. So please know that I write to you today out of genuine concern. I’d frankly prefer to speak to you directly, but I have sent numerous emails to Mike on a variety of topics and never gotten a response, additionally my attempt to register on your forum was denied.

Dear Stefan Molyneux, Police Are Criminals .
Dear Stefan Molyneux, Police Are Criminals .

I write to you today to remind you of a thing you seem to have, shall we say, lost focus on. Police are criminals. I’m not referring here specifically to any one particular police officer. I’m talking about the institution, which as a fellow anarchist, I know you also stand in root and branch opposition to. As of late however, a number of your releases seem to gloss over this fact, and assign blame outside of the individuals who committed acts of aggression. I don’t have much doubt that we actually see eye to eye on the fundamentals, I may just be addressing an aesthetic preference for focus on one part of an issue or another, but I thought it worth bringing up. While the issues you raise are unquestionably important, I do think it quite outside of individualist norms to shift blame away from a man caught on camera strangling somebody over cigarettes, shooting somebody over a tail light, shooting a child for having a toy gun, or severing a man’s spinal cord over a weapons possession charge.

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