Radical Agenda EP041 - Bombs Away!

Radical Agenda EP041 – Bombs Away!

Bombs are dropping left and right, even in Ancapistan. I had a logo made up for the show, only to be reminded that the Dollar Vigilante uses similar imagery, so that’s getting dropped. Back to the drawing board!

Radical Agenda EP041 - Bombs Away!
Radical Agenda EP041 – Bombs Away!

The Russians are coming! Russia launched airstrikes in Syria, but contrary to their stated intentions, these bombs were dropped on the US backed “moderate” rebels. Russia denies the claim, but the United States is none too happy about the situation. The Syrian “civil” war went from an internal conflict, to a proxy war between the US and Russia, and now these two major military powers, with opposite goals, are bombing targets contrary to each other’s interests. If that’s not a fucking war, it’s certainly dry humping one.

The Chinese are staying out of this one, but the Chinese people are apparently hungry for action. A series of 17 explosions rocked China killing at least 7 and injuring 51. A 33 year old man is in custody for the attacks, but no information has been released to his motives.

Remember when Barack Obama ended two wars? Neither does he, but that doesn’t stop him from taking credit for doing so. Bombs continue to fall in Iraq and Afghanistan as the Nobel Peace Prize winner finishes out his second term.

His replacement might just be the most explosive news since 9/11. Bernie Sanders’s fundraising effort is outpacing Obama 2008 in total contributors.

The same cannot be said for Rand Paul, he’s sounding desperate, and a little drunk in my opinion, in his most recent plea for fundraising. But the leaders of one of his PACs have been indicted, and another isn’t even raising money for him because he’s not libertarian enough. At this rate, he’ll be lucky to keep his senate seat. I suppose that’s what happens when you pander to social justice warriors, and threaten to imprison Ed Snowden during the same campaign.

If only he had the same courage as those Oregon bakery owners who got sued by the lesbians for refusing to make them a wedding cake. They are refusing to pay $135,000 in state-ordered damages, claiming financial hardship, despite raising $500,000 for the case through crowdfunding.

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