Radical Agenda EP048 - Kill Whitey

Radical Agenda EP048 – Kill Whitey

Democracy is overrated, we all know that by now. The collective idiocy of many people deciding on rulers has not panned out so well for mankind. So how should we go about solving that? Well, the principle of one middle school has decided you need to make sure not too many white people get elected. Elections for student government were held at Everett Middle School Oct. 10, but on Oct. 14 principal Lena Van Haren sent an email to parents saying the results were being ignored, without being made public, because those elected did not reflect how “diverse” the school is.

Well, that’s just fuckin fantastic. Let’s try that with the United States Congress and our state and local legislatures! We’ll just hide the election results, and appoint people based on race!

Radical Agenda EP048 - Kill Whitey
Radical Agenda EP048 – Kill Whitey

But perhaps we’re being too hasty. After all, white people will be a minority by 2050 anyway, and everybody knows this is just awesome for mankind. The best part of exterminating white people though? Gun control. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s right. White people like their guns, and they will vote and lobby to keep them. So as whites are systematically exterminated from the face of the Earth, we’ll finally be able to get those murderous guns off of our streets and into the hands of our benevolent saviors in the government.

But we can’t just wait around for white people to stop breeding. We have to actively discourage their mating practices. For example, let’s make insane demands for “consent” like asking permission each step of the way during a sexual encounter. Anybody who doesn’t follow this standard, ought to be labeled a rapist and thrown in prison. We also should probably develop academic courses on “White Privilege” aimed at “dismantling whiteness” for racial justice. And last but not least, we really need to start shifting white males out of the lead roles in movies.

With whites exterminated, guns confiscated, and the leftover people thoroughly confused about reality, we can get to work on the real task at hand, the extermination of all mankind.

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