Radical Agenda S06E008 - The Folly of Turning on Tucker

Radical Agenda S06E008 – The Folly of Turning on Tucker

There’s a video going around of Tucker Carlson saying that he doesn’t particularly appreciate the phenomenon of identity politics, even those of the White variety.

More specifically, on a recent interview with Adam Corolla, the following exchange ensued;

Tucker: I will say this if I can just make one prediction. So, the United States is becoming non-white, everyone’s excited about it, or whether you’re not excited about it doesn’t matter. Whites are going to be in the minority,  soon. So what that means is, you’re going to get, at some point, probably in my lifetime, people standing up and saying “I represent white people! I’m the candidate of the white voter!” And I just want to say on the record that I’m going to tell that person to fuck off, because nobody speaks for me. I’m an adult man, and nobody speaks for me because he shares the same skin color as me. Like, I just reject that entire idea. If I agree with you, I’ll let you speak for me, and if I don’t, I won’t, but this idea that someone of a certain skin color, any skin color, or any ethnic background, speaks automatically on behalf of all people who share that skin color ethnic background, is a Nazi idea and I’m totally opposed to it, and I will be opposed to it when it happens, to me. When somebody, this will happen, someone’s, gonna “oh white people!” I gonna be like “I don’t even know you, dude! I don’t even know you! I refuse to allow you to purport to speak for me, because we look the same!” period.

Corolla: Well this is the real white privilege, it’s not having a spokesperson it’s not…

Tucker: Oh that’s so deep! that’s so deep sorry I’ll let you continue I’ve never thought of that I love that though!

The video embedded below begins at about the moment this exchange begins, and I’ll pick up with my commentary below that.



The clip being passed around in White identitarian circles predictably leaves out the broader discussion, which as I said in the first line, is a general aversion to identity politics. I’ll let you judge for yourself whether you deem it worthy to spend an hour and 11 minutes viewing the whole thing.

This has stirred some controversy in these circles, as it has been deemed an attack on White identity specifically, in which, the usual suspects, inform their audiences that there is no hope and the whole world is out to get them.


If you would like to watch this episode, I have embedded the Odysee video below, or you’ll find the audio player at the bottom of the page. Please note that the video is a little bit choppy due to a configuration change, but we fixed it about half way in and the audio should be fine.


The Usual Suspects

I was tagged on Telegram in a discussion about this, because I am quite famously a fan of Tucker Carlson, and you may have heard, have some opinions on the subject of race. The post I was tagged in shared a video from a channel called “Black Pilled” and the caption was;

“Based tucker” once again shows his true colors. He hates all of you. Get in the pit, dick tucker.

As predictably as the sunset, the absolute most disreputable lowlife (who purports to be) in our movement had to chime in too, on Twitter.

I don’t think personal attacks are generally the most efficient means of getting to the truth, but here I think it is worth considering our sources for a moment before we move on to the substance.

A channel called “Black Pilled” is not here to improve your life. It is here to make you miserable, and it makes no secret of this.

There’s an argument to be made that this serves a legitimate purpose in politics. People need to be shaken from their slumber, and see the menace for what it is. I did a great deal of this sort of thing as a libertarian, in an effort to turn people against the institution of the State.

This habit lingered to a degree as I shifted rightward ideologically, but as I matured and became determined to solve problems, rather than create them, it became clear to me that identifying problems was of little use without an aim at solving them.

Black Pilled, by contrast, has the singular aim of antagonizing people in all directions, as a means by which to promote his monetized live streams. This has been successful, judging by a quick glance at his publicly available audience numbers. One of his more insightful posts goes as follows;

This is how delusional some Qtards and Trump worshipers still are. They are simply feeble minded cowards unable to face reality. They are the men in the foxhole that start singing Happy Birthday at the top of their lungs while smearing shit all over their faces because they can’t stand the constant shelling from the enemy.

Well, I’m no “Qtard”, but I like Trump. Say what you will about me, I’m no coward, and I invite the reader to compare the intellectual value of my Telegram channel to that of Black Pilled, and see who suffers from feebleness of mind.

This is the sort of thing people like this do, because they are not capable of doing more. They are successful because they cater to the lowest common denominator, and this has always been and always will be a successful strategy for attracting attention to oneself in terms of sheer numbers.

It is not a successful strategy for solving problems, but Black Pilled does not purport this to be his goal. Solving problems would negatively impact his business, because he is in the business of spreading misery. For him, the worse things get, the better. It’s really that simple, and everything he says, must be filtered through this understanding of his purposes.

Similarly, Andrew Anglin could charitably be described as a liar and a subversive. Less charitably, one might interpret his behavior as being guided by an intelligence agency or the Democrat Party.

Anglin promotes “incel culture” which, you may have heard, is slang for “involuntarily celibate”. He purports this to be an aspirational goal. That a man should seek to achieve a social status in which women will uniformly refuse to have sex with him.

Now, I am as fed up with feminism as anybody. More so, likely. But the idea of an ethnocentric political movement that is averse to marriage and reproduction is not precisely what I think of when I devise strategies for the success of the White race.

Anglin’s antics once seemed amusing to me and many others. There was a time when his shock humor and eagerness to offend regular people, fit into a broader direction of action within the Alt Right movement. That time is now over.

Anglin has discredited himself to such an extent, that anybody who doesn’t disavow any connection to him, can only be interpreted to be ignorant of recent history, or a malicious agent of chaos and destruction. I will not spend a great deal of time on this, because that would be its own book length post, anybody who knows anything about him already knows this, and anybody who doesn’t know it probably doesn’t care what Tucker Carlson says about White identity.

In any case, the guy who wants you to stop having sex is not trying to help you. That much should be obvious without explanation.

And this fits into my broader theme.

Anglin and Black Pilled represent a force within the White identitarian media sphere, which is uniformly hostile to White identitarian goals. Namely that “We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for White children”.

The future is necessarily a hopeful thing. If we have no hope, producing children for whom to secure a future, seems like a rather expensive folly.

They have coined a term to mock this rather obvious observation – “hopium” – the idea that hope is a mere drug, an illusion, and unworthy of pursuit.

This is about disempowering you

It should almost go without saying, that this also precludes meaningful political activity. Second perhaps only to the raising of children, political activity is necessarily an investment in the future. One puts forth effort and expense today, with no certainty of a return on his investment, hoping to see the future better reflect their values than the present.

People who want you without hope, and without the capacity to reproduce, mean to eliminate your influence from politics, and from the shaping of the future.

In addition to spreading misery and bad ideas, they do this is through a tremendous variety of creative means.

They tell you to insist on extreme political changes. Ones which are certain not only to fail, but more importantly, preclude you from any opportunity to participate in actual political discussions. It would not be at all sufficient to say, get a candidate for office to ask for the White vote, or to put black criminals in prison when they carry out a race riot.  No, the candidate must promise the extermination of the Jews, and a White ethnostate, and all manner of economic nonsense that makes Bernie Sanders look like Ludwig von Mises.

More to our point, they aim to create hostility between you and those who can serve as conduits to power for you. If somebody with a platform, like Tucker Carlson, or Donald Trump, is trying to help you, well, then you are a “feeble minded coward” for thinking that this might benefit you in some way.

To hear them tell it, you would be far better off dropping out of the economy and the dating market, and, necessarily, out of politics, and spending your time listening to them call other people names, with no regard for the truth.

After all, if Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson aren’t screaming racial epithets at strangers on the sidewalk, what good are they? Who cares if one became President, and the other the number one show on cable news? Real power is in Internet shit posting and ideological masturbatory exercises.

When you see people who espouse these sorts of ideas saying something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that what they are saying is wrong. It might very well be true. In fact, your capacity to verify the truth of much of what they say is a vital part of the exercise.

This is not a new tactic. A wise man once said;

The followers of the movement, and indeed the whole nation, must be reminded again and again of the fact that, through the medium of his newspapers, the Jew is always spreading falsehood, and that if he tells the truth on some occasions it is only for the purpose of masking some greater deceit, which turns the apparent truth into a deliberate falsehood. The Jew is the Great Master of Lies. Falsehood and duplicity are the weapons with which he fights. Every calumny and falsehood published by the Jews are tokens of honour which can be worn by our comrades. He whom they decry most is nearest to our hearts and he whom they mortally hate is our best friend.

So while one cannot discount the possibility that a disreputable character might be telling the truth, goal detection is an important feature of the human psyche. A man who wants you to stop reproducing and become politically impotent, might be telling you that Tucker Carlson is your enemy because that’s true, and saying so is a good way to get you to believe him now, so you’ll believe him again when he stabs you in the back later.

Or he might be trying stab you in the back right now, by depriving you of an important ally.

As a rule of thumb, when you see such characters do or say something, I would advise taking a step back and making a sober analysis of the situation. There’s a good possibility that their behavior is the best warning you’re going to get before you end up in an irreparable situation.

Now, for the sober analysis.

Anybody who watches Tucker Carlson on a regular basis was by no means surprised by the content of the video above. Tucker Carlson has been adamant about his aversion to identity politics well prior to becoming the most popular show in cable news.

Corolla’s observation that “Well this is the real white privilege, it’s not having a spokesperson” was especially astute, even if it slightly missed the mark.

Whites have interests in common, but that’s primarily a function of us being set against non-whites. Identity politics is offputting because it is a consequence of ethnic diversity. If you didn’t have blacks and Jews and Hispanics to contend with, you wouldn’t be thinking of politics in ethnic terms. If you did, it would be in terms of German vs. Italian or whatever, and in my book it would be the proper role of the government in a pan-European State to suppress such conflicts.

Our concerns are not fundamentally ethnic concerns. They take on an ethnic character because patterns emerge along ethnic lines that create conflicts of interests along those lines. A healthy State would have prevented this from happening through immigration controls, but we are met with what we are met with.

The point is, identity politics is not aspirational. It’s a consequence of harmful stimuli. Arguably a necessary one, but you can’t blame reasonable people for being averse to it anyway.

Politics that appeal to healthy discourse deal with substance, which is why Democrats are always stirring racial chaos.

If you want White people on your side, don’t emulate that behavior, like Anglin and Black Pilled do. It is disorderly, and people dislike it.

If people dislike you, they won’t give you political power. If you don’t have political power, you cannot secure the existence of your people, and a future for White children.

And think about what Tucker actually said…

I’m an adult man, and nobody speaks for me because he shares the same skin color as me. Like, I just reject that entire idea. If I agree with you, I’ll let you speak for me, and if I don’t, I won’t, but this idea that someone of a certain skin color, any skin color, or any ethnic background, speaks automatically on behalf of all people who share that skin color ethnic background, is a Nazi idea and I’m totally opposed to it, and I will be opposed to it when it happens, to me. When somebody, this will happen, someone’s, gonna “oh white people!” I gonna be like “I don’t even know you, dude! I don’t even know you! I refuse to allow you to purport to speak for me, because we look the same!” period.

Is this statement entirely unreasonable?

The point he’s making is not without merit, and the idea that somebody gets to say he speaks on my behalf because I happen to be White is not without its perils.

Look at the people who purport to speak on behalf of blacks. Are their interests being well represented? I’d say not. The Democrats pander to blacks, and intentionally keep them as miserable as possible so they can be sent like attack dogs after their enemies.

If Richard Spencer endorses Joe Biden on behalf of the White race, am I supposed to feel better about war with Russia, high energy prices, inflation, and transgenderism in public schools?

I’d say not.

The fact that I am White and somebody else is White does not by this coincidence alone, authorize him to do anything on my behalf, and no White Nationalist who had educated himself so little as having spent 5 minutes in a Telegram chat would seriously say otherwise. This movement, like many others, is bursting at the seams with crackpots and scumbags, and you can’t trust them on the basis of the outward appearance of their genetic composition. Much less their “skin color” which we happen to share in large part with the most malicious race of creatures ever to curse the Earth.

He’s actually saying something obvious, which is that somebody who attempts to appeal to you on ethnic grounds is probably trying to avoid appealing to you on grounds more subject to rational analysis, and that this is indicia of deception. Anybody who has spent a year in White politics has come to understand this phenomenon far better than Tucker Carlson does.

As I posited this analysis on Telegram, I was met with several variations of the idea that, on account of the genocidal demographic changes wrought by the anti-White Left in the United States and Europe, Whites have no choice but to form a collective response and become an ethnic voting block.

There is merit to this. In Pat Buchanan’s book “Suicide of a Superpower“, he had a chapter titled “The White Party”. In it, he made a compelling case that the Republican Party should stop responding to Democrat accusations of racism by trying to outpander the Left with non-Whites. They should accept it as a badge of honor that they represent White interests, and pursue those interests without apology.

Of course, one counter argument to this, which drives many White Nationalists nuts, but is no less true, is that White interests actually benefit everybody. The old “rising tide lifts all boats” meme, is a real phenomenon. We saw this under the Trump administration, and as a consequence he got to go around on the campaign trail touting the unemployment rates of every racial group, noting that they were at record lows. Many White Nationalists hated this, because for some reason they cannot understand how political power is apportioned in the presence of a multiethnic electorate.

Humorously, at the time of this writing, White identitarians happen to be in thrall to the National Justice Party, or at least, hostile to the GOP for some even more senseless cause. It’s hip to hate Trump now, and if you don’t hate Trump, the common theme is that you’re some kind of stooge for the Republicans, who’s stuck in 2016.

I typed that before checking, because I already knew what I’d see, but here’s the top of JusticeReport.com at the time of this writing.

The image is a frame from the video in question, stating falsely that “Tucker Carlson Denounces White Advocacy”

This links to a post at “Information Liberation” by Chris Menahan.

Mr. Menahan embeds a Tweet from “West Country Bumpkin” which includes the video, then he posts a short transcript of the exchange in question. Below that, he adds the following for the entirety of his contribution to the discussion.

Key takeaway: Tucker believes white people have no group interests and anyone saying they do is advocating “Nazism.”

If his words are to be taken literally, Tucker also believes every group sharing any ethnic background which advocated for their own group interests throughout all of history are Nazis because Nazis are the only people who have ever believed in group interests.

That said, there’s no reason to take his statement literally because he has no issue with discussing what appeals to “black voters” and “Hispanic voters” based off their own group interests on his show every night.

You’ve seen the transcript, you’ve had an opportunity to watch the entire video. Mr. Menahan’s assertions are contradicted by the evidence.

Tucker Carlson is fine with you speaking on his behalf if he agrees with you. His point is, you don’t get to speak on his behalf, just because he is White, and you are White. If you want things he does not want, then you don’t get to claim the right to speak on behalf of Tucker Carlson.

For that matter, you don’t get to speak on behalf of other White Nationalists, especially if you print falsehoods with all the gleeful malice of a Jew, and defame people for exceedingly short sighted political purposes.

Justice Report is an information outlet (I’d say propaganda arm, but people take that term negatively and I don’t think of it that way, personally) of the National Justice Party.

What does the National Justice Party want to do? The charitable answer is, something other than defeat Democrats.

  • Which political Party wants to open the borders? Democrats.
  • Which political party wants to get us into a war with Russia? Democrats.
  • Which political party wants to transgender the kids and imprison the parents who complain? Democrats.

So, if you don’t want to defeat Democrats, you don’t get to speak on behalf of me either. I’ve been imprisoned, twice, and bankrupted, for my white advocacy. I have bled and drawn blood for our people, and I would do it all again, which is more than I can say for most of the loud mouths popping off about how much cooler they are than the people who actually wield political power.

And before you tell me about your token RINO who voted one day to do something that helped the Democrats, know that your tired old story is nothing new, fools nobody with a 3 digit IQ, and is not dispositive of the point. Republicans who help Democrats do these terrible things are bad actors who are held in contempt by Republican voters, and if you would like to deprive them of the opportunity to do so, you should vote in Republican primaries, embrace Realpolitik, and stop instructing your followers toward impotent, masturbatory, ideological pursuits.

The above provides us with the most poignant example of a phenomenon I described before I even saw it.

I am typing this at 1:16am on April 5th 2023. This was my Telegram reply from 7:51pm US Eastern time, earlier in the evening;

How’s your “collective white response” working out for you?

Personally, I’ve been unimpressed. I’ve been locked up twice and bankrupted in service to this cause and I can’t even coordinate my appeal with my codefendants.

You have a bunch of people trying to appeal on ethnic grounds, and falling short on every measurement of success. That’s exactly what the Democrats are doing to the blacks, and White people seem to be getting served about as well by the phenomenon.

Where whites have common interests, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with identifying and pursuing this, and neither is Tucker.

What Tucker is saying, and what I agree with, is that inadequate dishonest people use identity politics to avoid accountability for their failures.


I find the idea downright bizarre, that anybody who had spent 5 minutes with White Nationalists wouldn’t understand what Tucker Carlson is saying. Presumably, he knows less about the people in this movement than I do, but having spent years in this thing, I wouldn’t want almost anybody in it speaking on my behalf. The people who purport to do so, near uniformly do so in ways I find at best misguided, and all too frequently, dishonest and malicious.

By contrast, Tucker Carlson has;

This list could go on, ad infinitum. Whatever your complaints about the ideas, shortcomings, or failures, of Donald Trump or Tucker Carlson, they have done more than anybody in what was once called the Alt Right, to improve our politics, and there is only one reason to wish they would be deprived of support.

That reason is that you would like to stop, not their failures, but their successes, and for the people of this country to suffer more than they already do, as a consequence.

Maybe this because you’re a closet Democrat, or maybe this is because you’re a sincerely misguided White Nationalist, who is dumb enough to think that by some miracle, you’ll benefit from some fantasy you have about the “collapse of the system”.

In either case, in my estimation, that is against the interests of White people.

If that’s what you want, then you do not get to speak on my behalf, either.


For those of you reading who think I might do a better job of speaking for you, I would invite you to pay me for the service. Or, you could just listen…

I try to make this easy enough to do.

While this site, and my Radical Agenda podcast have been shut out of financial services, on account of my White advocacy, I have happily multiplied my workload to produce another show that you can play with your kids in the car and without much risk of losing your job. It’s called SurrealPolitiks.

Follow me elsewhere, listen, watch, and keep in touch…

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