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Thoughts for Tonight’s SurrealPolitiks Member Video Chat Wednesday April 19th 9:30pm

We live in, interesting times, as goes the curse.

Toward the end of Monday’s public show, a caller brought up recent indictments in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a Soros backed prosecutor has fulfilled his campaign promise by bringing meritless charges against attendees of a 6 year old political demonstration, which was coordinated with law enforcement. Since then, a few names have been released, and we can expect more to follow.

There is a distinct possibility I may be one of them.

If you’ll please pardon my opportunism, it proves a point I’ve been making. We cannot afford the luxury of ceaseless ideological spiraling. Our current predicament requires, above all, prudence, and subsequently, determination, and focus. All applied toward the relentless pursuit of tangible political power.

Virginia has no statute of limitations on felonies. This means that so long as there exists a Democrat willing to abuse his power in that office, nobody is safe. You could very well be sitting down for dinner with your great grandchildren in 25 years, and through your door might come US Marshalls, with itchy trigger fingers, come to drag you back to Albemarle County to answer for whatever nonsense he dreamt about the night before.

If you have nobody in the government looking out for your interests, this is your future.

In a proximate vein, a Rasmussen poll finds 65% of likely voters think “undercover government agents helped provoke the so-called J6 riot, including 46% who say it is Very Likely.”

Between these and the Trump indictment, the Democrat Party is pushing everyone our way. The sooner we stop telling them “No”, the sooner we can start fixing problems.

I have plenty more to say about these, and other things, and I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are as well.

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