SurrealPolitiks S01E008 – Right Supremacy

Well, it’s happened again. Another “Hispanic White Supremacist” has killed a bunch of people and of course this means we have to give up our guns to the people who want to open the borders and put the former President in prison.

Were this theme not so familiar, we might find ourselves asking if there was any conceivable situation which the Democrats would not purport to prove the correctness of their policy positions. But it is familiar, and we know the answer. All events prove the point that guns are bad and White people are the only reason these weapons of war are still killing people. Were it not for guns and Whites, the man who went on a shooting spree at a Texas mall recently, would be a mere noble savage, living off berries and communing with nature.

It reminds me of a bit from the comedian Katt Williams. It’s too profane to repeat here word for word, but he talks about pimps as controlling their flock by telling them things that don’t make any sense, and simply demanding that they go along with it.

“Go on turn some tricks, and we gonna take over all of Stone Mountain!” to paraphrase, to which the subjugated female responds “I don’t know what he sayin’ but I’mma do my part”.

News reports are that a man by the name of Mauricio Garcia, aged 33, killed 8 people and wounded several others during a killing spree at an otherwise gun free mall in Texas. Garcia is reported to have had a patch on his chest that read “RWDS” – a phrase familiar to anyone who has been to, where we sell hats that say this. It has been interpreted in some circles to mean “Right Wing Death Squads” and since the Left has tried to racialize our politics, all things Right wing are White Supremacy, which makes our Hispanic killer a White Supremacist, and if you believe that, then, well, let’s go take over all of Stone Mountain.

It coincides with another theme we often hear from these lunatics. That opposition to transgenderism is White Supremacy, too. Silly though it seems, this is the tacit acknowledgement that what they mean by White Supremacy is what other people call normalcy, and while it is facially preposterous to suppose that non-Whites have less gendered views of the world than White people, the normalcy part is not without some degree of merit. Civilization is, to some extent, a product of conquest. Undoing civilization, is what they mean when they talk about de-colonizing.

It would make a lot more sense if we found out that was what Mr. Garcia was doing. The idea that a Hispanic White Supremacist thought his cause was best served by donning an RWDS patch and emptying his rifle into a shopping mall hardly makes any sense.

Especially given what little I know of the victims. I won’t play it here, but in the wake of the shooting there emerged a video of a pile of bodies that looked mostly like young white women. When I do a search for the victims now I get a bunch of Asian and Hispanic last names, but I saw a pile of dead White girls the other day, and if they weren’t the victims of this shooting, I’d really like to know who killed them and why.

When the story first broke, I had posted to my personal Telegram that a black guy had done it screaming that all White people had to die, because that was the rumor and, well, let’s be honest, that’s more plausible than all this White Supremacist mass shooter nonsense at this point, even if the guy was actually White.

These maniacs over the homeless dude who got choked out, they were just saying it out in the open, that they were going to burn the city down, that they would use violence, and this is just totally accepted by the powers that be as normal . But oh god forbid you notice the history of somebody’s last name who’s involved in some evil stuff, you gotta lose your paypal account before somebody gets hurt, right?

I tuned into a thing with Richard Spencer last night, I imagine some of you might have heard of him. He was some media darling of the Alt Right, and I guess we now know why. He appears more alt than Right these days. Endorsed, not just Joe Biden, but straight party line Democrat, and last night he did a thing on Twitter spaces. It was titled “RWDS,” Mass Violence, and the Online Right and at the time I hadn’t heard that our Hispanic mass murderer had allegedly sported an RWDS patch, so I was a little confused by all his negative references to Pinochet and whatnot, but the idea was like, him and Chuck Johnson and this parade of weirdos were posing as “deradicalizers” while spouting off conspiracies about the Catholic Church assassinating Abraham Lincoln and all this crazy nonsense, which coincided well with basically accusing Gavin McInnes of a violent criminal conspiracy for starting the Proud Boys.

I can really pick my codefendants, eh?

And it’s not like I don’t get the Right wing terror bit. I mean, there’s a bunch of people online who are like “Oh yeah, I’m gonna go shoot up the yada yada yada” and then they’re like “Please bro don’t dox me, I can’t lose my job! My wife doesn’t know what I do online, she thinks I’m just watching porn all night!”

It’s faker than the 2020 election, and I don’t know why anybody buys it.

This and more, plus some great calls. Enjoy the show.


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  1. Been listening since you were a guest host on (((Adam K****h))). I thought the left has ground you down completely when you stopped producing. So glad you are back.

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