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As is so often the case these days, there’s a lot going on.

Let’s start with the bad news. Chik-Fil-A has instituted a “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative”. This kind of thing will make one question the viability of orderly options for rescuing our country from disaster. Chik-Fil-A has for years stood up to Leftist bullying, and that they would even allow themselves to be seen as having anything to do with such utter tripe is not a good sign.

The company has issued some boilerplate statements trying to pretend this is uncontroversial, but the conservative, mostly White, folks who have kept them afloat while Democrats have conspired to completely ruin them, are not fooled. There are boycott threats, and this is looking like it could be another one of those “Go woke go broke” situations”, because it’s not like they’re going to get the Left on their side, and alienating one’s customer base doesn’t cease to be a problem when the behavior stops. They have already been alienated.

Tara Reade, whom you may recall is the one sexual assault victim the Left does not believe, has moved to Russia. As a kid whose earliest memories were formed during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, it is bizarre for me to see Russia emerge as the good guys on the world stage, but this is happening more and more as time ticks away.

I spent a good portion of my morning reading a women’s magazine. That’s not a typo. It’s not a joke. It’s not a confession.

Revolver News linked to something called Evie Magazine today. It was a list (lists always make for good radio) of places to shop instead of Target, in response to their “tuck friendly” bathing suits in celebration of “Pride Month” which, it is worth noting, doesn’t start until June. Target loves this degeneracy so much, they had to get started early.

More to the point, what I found when I got there was pretty interesting, as I remarked earlier on Telegram.

I am pleasantly surprised to have found a Women’s Magazine that is neither the sort of trash which one thinks of when hearing the phrase “Women’s Magazine” nor some project two steps removed from the American Enterprise Institute trying to portray “conservatives as the real feminists”, or some Alt Right chick capitalizing on the thirst by posting hyper trad White Sharia nonsense in between Tinder dates.

This gives the impression of an authentic production with quality contributors that is just sincere women nostalgic for normalcy.

Reaching women is a perennial political question on the Right, and I suspect we have here a powerful tool for this purpose.

There’s plenty more news, and if you all are not feeling chatty tonight, I’ll get to a bunch of it.

Talking shop, briefly.

I did an episode on Artificial Intelligence not so long ago, and this subject has become something of an obsession of mine since. At first I was just looking to break the chains of the censors, but I’ve since become quite fascinated with the broader possibilities, even within those boundaries.

Specifically, though I had come across this technology interested in image generation, and subsequently found the audio and video possibilities fascinating, I fancy myself more a writer than anything, and learning that these systems can produced eloquent and informed text has sparked my interest.

As part of the content network concept I’ve been teasing, I launched a series of websites. Some of which are of an amusing and/or political nature, others of which exist primarily for the purpose of hosting advertisements. The latter of which I have not generated nearly any content for, because writing copy for this purpose is not exactly the best use of my creative efforts.

I just tested a series of “autoblogging” applications, and the initial results are promising. I produced the following articles with almost no effort. Just some free software and a trial account with one of the AI services. The cost of generating the text in the following links would have been less than $0.05 if I was paying for it.

I also set up an automated news aggregator as a test run. It is not presently something to brag about, but it’s an early stage experiment with some potential. Especially when combined with the AI text generators. You can see this in action at

That site checks 55 RSS feeds every hour, and creates blog posts that link to the sources. In a day it has created over 700 posts, and this despite the fact that it is generating many errors because I have to reduce the number of feeds it checks at once. They need to be spaced out more, otherwise some attempts time out. It’s capable of importing all the text and images from the source site and even “spinning” the text, so as to make it look more original. There are similar plugins which will do a more sophisticated “spin” by running it through an actual AI model rather than just doing some word replacements.

Now, I should state, the idea here is not to automate my job out of existence, or to become a mindless content mill pumping out AI generated horse manure. I have more specific and meaningful designs in mind which I’ll discuss a bit when we’re in private.

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